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Cooking RageWelcome to Cooking Rage!

Put on your chef’s hat and embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other cooking game! Let the kitchen become your stage, and the dishes your masterpieces.

Tour the globe and prepare USA’s beloved burgers, France’s delicate pastries, Italy’s tasty pizzas, and more! Ready for this global restaurant adventure?

Experience the adrenaline rush from restaurant to restaurant, cooking up delicious meals and serving your eager customers in this top-tier kitchen game. Get ready to ignite the cooking rage in you and unleash your culinary prowess!
Show everyone you have what it takes to become the top chef in this captivating cooking game.

In this engaging new game, you’ll combine quick fingers and smart thinking, just like a true Master Chef!
Speed and strategy intertwine as you prepare, cook, and serve delicious meals to eager customers while perfecting your craft for food and accelerating your career. Constantly improve your kitchen and cooking efficiency to better your career. Remember, fast taps and thoughtful cooking lead to satisfied customers and high scores, propelling you closer to your goal of restaurant mastery.

EMBARK on a gastronomic journey that takes you across the globe. Enjoy the cooking adventure in over 12 themed restaurants, more than 950 engaging levels to conquer, and an impressive array of ingredients to work with. From the famous flavors of the USA to the refined cuisines of Paris, you’ll master and perfect hundreds of tantalizing food recipes from every corner of the world by cooking and baking delicious recipes.

CRAFT & SERVE delicious food with both speed and precision. Hone your cooking games techniques, tap swiftly to prepare, bake, cook, and serve food, but remember, strategy is crucial! Keep your eyes on multiple dishes, serve each customer timely, and bag the biggest bonus. Do you have what it takes to handle the heat of our kitchen?

UPGRADE your kitchen to perfection, enhancing your restaurant tools and ingredients for the ultimate dining experience in these cooking games. Earn coins from each level and invest wisely in top notch equipment to upgrade every aspect of your kitchen. It’s all about efficiency, performance, and cooking up fast!

STRIVE for culinary supremacy, keeping track of your progress with an achievement notebook. Take pride in every milestone you reach on your path to becoming a master chef in cooking games and claim well-deserved rewards that will give you the edge in your cooking adventure. Complete all the Daily Achievements to bag in even more rewards with your cooking supremacy!

DIVE INTO the festive atmospheres of our seasonal restaurants. Celebrate global cultural events, from Halloween to Christmas, and savor the magic of these grand adventures. Our chefs never know what’s coming next with our frequent updates featuring new restaurants and captivating content!

CONNECT and thrive in our vibrant chef community. Join the cooking games community, share your triumphs, and support each other with energy boosts. Cooking Rage is more than a game; it’s a lifestyle!

No internet connection? No problem! Play offline! Unleash your culinary talent anytime, anywhere, even offline. Are you ready to ignite your cooking passion and race towards restaurant stardom? Let the cooking rage begin!

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Cooking Rage user reviews :

It was going so well. Good game, stupid how you can amass gems but nit coins but oh well. I have deleted because the bloody ads…. What’s wrong with you game creators? If I see Royal Magic, Project Makeover or that Gardenscapes one more time….. My days. Quit with those stupid ridiculous games. Who sits in a house with a load of broken windows??? The cooking game is good but the ads killed it. I would have paid for the game itself but you lost me. My score for this is 0/5 stars

  • Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates. You can always acquire No-Ads package or anything from the Bank and ads will stop showing up. Thank you very much for your honest review!

So far it’s great fun. On the second restaurant and so far ad free unless voluntary for extra coin. Challenging but not so hard yet as to make me quit and uninstall.

  • Thank you for your 5-star review, amapringle68! Delighted to hear you’re enjoying the game. Remember, our support team at is here if you need any help. Keep having fun!

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