Merge Number Cube – Start the battle and Be the winner

[Game] Merge Number Cube

Merge Number CubeGet ready for a new adventure in the Numberblocks world!

Run the first number cube. Gather the crowded crew. Count and Merge to build the strongest number team. Start the battle and Be the winner.

Let’s lead the cube pass the obstacles on the run and choose the right gate to raise the team member. Don’t forget to use your coins to get the King and Queen number cubes to lift up the crew’s strength. In parallel with merging and unlocking the larger numbers to build your own powerful Number Cube team.

Are you ready to join the number battle and find the Boss? Or it would be You – the Savage Boss.
Explore the new game NOW!

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Merge Number Cube user reviews :

There are too many ads. It’s even a spinoff of numberblocks! And there are only 10 numbereblocks. People get 1-30. But 11-30 look nothing like 11-30. 11 is just 7 blocks, 12 is just 8 blocks. The rest are just senary stuff. I don’t recommend.

Fun game to play guys and I love it because the game can handle with single hand player like me…

My 4 year old loves anythig with numbers, so was keen to download this. But too may adds make it unplayable. It was installed for 5 minutes during that time all we saw were adds with links to other games. He never actully got go play this game.. I had to uninstall it again

This game is the best game ever I love it so much because you can play us the numberblocks make bigger numbers and then fight every battle a bigger and bigger stronger and you can make any speaker number Q

Nice game but 2 things I don’t like. The number blocks are looking different. Why? And their are till 100 numblocks i want till 30. So in you tube the other get 11 and 12. And i get two tens it doesn’t make a 11. How? Please fix it. I like your game!

it’s perfect for me but I don’t like the ads

It’s a pretty good game I love it so much!

Amazing but.. When it fights my screens gets all many and stuff and when its done it’s normal again is game please fix this!

At the following you can overdo it for yourself and you use it for other deals or no pushing of Earth and you will be safe for began you will be getting with your friend you are getting it so late for a wait and wait so long and you be a 500-word up and be it’s a 5000 word it’s a billion minutes it’s sad if your number is an odd it’s a cute for that on numberblocks you won’t come up the next numberblocks or you can delete it or you post it or you’re done after you use it

I used to watch numberblocks when i was 3-4 and it was Amazing! 10/10 Best merge game.

It is so much fun i was watching number blocks when I was 1to4 best merge game ever 10 out of 10

Love this game! Only thing is the ads. Other than that, I love this app!

Even though it’s a bootleg version of number blocks I still love it!

This gamr is great the reason i give this app 4 stars is because of the add’s that covered the content

Th game is nice both it needs better graphics but love it ot buys away time

Can you please make the game offline??? So many people hate games that’s said check your connection and try again if you are reading this developer, pls I hope u respond thank you

Very foolish it is not downloading only archade don’t make like this foolish game thank you for cooperating

This is best game for my child love that

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