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Cooking TrainIf you are a cooking games lover and passionate about food , don’t miss the hottest cooking games recently Cooking Train – Food Games, the stormy culinary train has attracted many chefs to come here to compete your skill in this cooking games. Each train car serves a different, gorgeous, yummy, and famous international food.

You will impress your diners and admirers around the world in your mad and delectable restaurants while satisfying their taste senses. Our train will roll everywhere. The first land is America, which dish do you excel at? Apple pie, sandwich, pizza, Burger, sushi roll, sea shrimp​ , or king crab? Diners will undoubtedly be eager to see your skill on this addictive Cooking games.

This Cooking games bring you go through the romantic Latin quarters of France, make Beefsteak, Noodles, Burger, Italia Pizza, Japan Sushi roll colection and so on, always ready to treat travelers to all of the city’s greatest and most traditional cuisine.

We will travel to the majestic lion island nation in Singapore – Marina Bay, Food games will also go through the lands of Japan, and the East of Asia, to experience the taste of sushi roll, salmon, yummy ramen noodles, and make traditional bento boxes or perfect pizza on this pizza games.
We will go together on the international cooking games, spreading the food fever to hungry customers around the world!

Simple and addictive gameplay in this food games.
This cooking games is highly entertaining and extremely simple to play, however, it is not easy to become pro and classy! You need to concentrate, be fever and manage your time well to pass all levels in this Cooking Games. Shushi Roll making, pizza game, Grill making, Bread Baking, Noodles making.. . all cooking skill in just one fever game. Are you ready to challenge yourself right now? Become master chef in such an amazing food games.

You need to:
Get the right ingredients to make the meals on time. This food games need time managment skill.
Cook in the right order to create delicious food with the right taste.
Serve dinners complex combo dishes to earn more coins and rewards
Upgrade kitchen utensils and ingredients to improve cuisine.
Complete all cooking goals, and pass all levels to discover more new lands.
Open new delectable restaurants, and learn new cooking games techniques.
Check in daily to get more rewards in your cooking journey
Arrange the cooking process properly, and avoid wasting or burning food in your restaurant
Coming to our train, you will know about unique yummy recipes from all over the world: USA, France, Japan , Singapore,… and countless other dishes – all the most famous traditional meals from Asia to Europe. This food games are just too hot to skip.

You are a great artist in this food game, mastering all culinary methods such as boiling, frying, steaming, boiling, and grilling, … You’ll also discover hundreds of additional cooking techniques and recipes in this trending food fever. Master in making: Sushi roll, pizza games, beefsteak, yummy Noodles, Burger,..Are you a cooking fever?

Some tips for you:
You can complete special dishes with the Cooking Power Boost item to instantly perfect the yummy recipes
Use Special pan, in order not to overcook!
With the Chef Support item, someone will help you carry the items.
Finally don’t forget to increase your income with Double bonus, be rich on your food game world!

Endless fun awaits you ahead!
Will you be able to handle all of the unpleasant guests?
The talented chef will build his own gourmet empire on this cooking games. That person is you, CHEF!
Hungry customers will follow you wherever you go, always welcome and waiting for you.
Will you board the train  and join this challenging cooking games?

Don’t hesitate to play, put on your chef hat and free download the game Cooking Train – Foods Games right now

Cooking Train user reviews :

Ad hogs, this coming from someone who paid for the app. When you watch an ad it makes you watch 2 before you get what they promise, such as time or customers. I don’t usually use ads for those things and that’s why. It’s annoying. They make it where you have to spend money no matter how good you are, using ads in those same ways, with not having enough customers etc. I understand they have to make their money but really..this way? I would spend money on losing fairly rather than being cheated.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused. At times, there may be a shortage of ads due to the unavailability of our ad providers. We are constantly working to enhance the game and improve the quality of the ads in order to provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience.

So far I’ve had no issues and they make upgrades reasonable. It seems they actually care about the player. This is NOT a pay-to-play app…. Instead it’s just a play, play and more play!!

  • The diners are starving and standing at your well-known restaurant! Let’s hit the road and be the best chef ever! Good luck to you

It’s a great cooking game, but I haven’t even conquered the 1st cooking trainand where you watch to get diamonds or also known as gems, its not allowing me to watch the ad and it says it’s time to watch it . After I posted here, now it’s giving me, my rewards. Thank you for a relaxing and enjoyable game. So much fun.

Going crazy in the kitchen and getting fever for cooking while playing our free Cooking Train restaurant game. There’s a lot of level waiting for you to defeated

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