Merge Inn – Relaxing casual puzzle game experience

[Game] Merge Inn – Tasty Match Puzzle

Merge Inn  Have you visited the cozy Merge Inn? Help Maisie with her dream and serve up delicious meals to townies and visitors!

Merge Inn is a brand new puzzle game where you combine food items to fill customer orders, discover new cuisine, and upgrade your kitchen to turn Merge Inn from a dusty old diner to a dream café.

Relaxing casual puzzle game experience
For fans of match 3 games, Merge Inn offers you something completely new. Instead of extra hard puzzle levels that block your progress, every single move you make takes you one step closer towards your goal!

Create the perfect meal
Merge hundreds of sweet and savory food items to create tasty meals from a wild variety of ingredients. Master new recipes and cuisine from all over the world: roll up a burrito, craft candy for kids, bake the perfect birthday cake, and prepare a feast fit for a royal mansion – the options are endless!

Upgrade your kitchen
Find the missing components to improve your kitchen features and appliances. Progress in the game to give your menu a total makeover: add a sushi line, build a pizza oven, or access the seafood market. Unlock new options to heat things up and bring your cooking to the next level!

Complete the collection
Complete each new Episode and finish the Side Job challenges to uncover every single item, reward and treasure that Merge Inn has to offer! More Episodes, special events and challenges are added periodically, so you will never run out of customers and collectibles.

If you’re new to merge games or a longtime fan, give Merge Inn a try and you’ll find an endless source of relaxation and satisfying gameplay. Immerse yourself in the cooking puzzle game out there, and complete the fantasy cafe of your dreams!

MERGE – Combine different items into new ones! Hundreds of combinations of tasty food await!
SERVE – Your cooking will be put to a good use to be enjoyed by your forest friends!
COLLECT – Discover every item and combination, find special items and treasure!
RELAX – Slow paced and mind jolting!
PLAY AS YOU WANT – Play as little or as much as you want. No time pressure here!

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Merge Inn user reviews :

Quite a fun game, one of the better merging games imo. Would’ve given it 5 stars were it not for two not-so-minor problems. First, the ads, particularly the ironSource or whatever ones will freeze the game half the time and even when it doesn’t, you just end up watching the entire ad and not getting a reward. Only for the next ad to freeze anyway or do the same thing. Also, I really, really, really hate the new ‘hot plates’ thing. If I wanted to gamble, I would’ve downloaded a slots game.
  • Original Games OU
  • Thank you for your feedback! Please, contact our Support at support[at] and enclose your Player ID. We will try to figure out what is not working!
Absolutely love the game, but…. My game keeps crashing, and freezing. Its really not enjoyable anymore because of the freezing, especially when your whole phone seems to be freezing up. It causes more frustration just to merge any item or when you need to choose a hot plate, or even enter a game. Watching adds for more energy is a really great idea, but the adds also freezes up then you loose the energy and end up needing too watch another video. Please fix the bug.
  • Original Games OU
  • Thank you for your feedback! Please, contact our Support at support[at] and enclose your Player ID. We will try to figure out what is not working!

Played this for a bit now. The first few levels were not too hard energy and recharge timewise. Esp with the level-up rewards. But I am now on number 6 at level 8 and I’ve run into a bottleneck already. I need a high level meat item and it takes aaaages for my fridges to be able to spawn items again. I can only play for 5 mins and then I have to wait a long time. The concept of the game is fun and enjoyable, but it gets really bogged down the further you get along unfortunately.

I enjoy the game but I don’t think the prizes are done fairly. You shouldn’t lose everything you won just because you can’t get through all 40 levels. And the increase on how many diamonds it costs to continue is stupid. It doubles every time and they cost too much to just buy. You should be able to keep the prizes you win before you lose. Also, recharge times are way too long for the big things.
  • Original Games OU
  • Hi Ashlee! Thank you for your feedback. You can always claim prizes mid game if you want to stop playing the side job or watch an ad to continue playing. Happy merging!

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