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[Game] Idle Dragon Tycoon – Evolve, M

Idle Dragon TycoonHave you ever wondered how to train your dragon?

Are you a true dragon tamer? Become a real dragon tycoon by managing your dragon farm and earn coin to evolve your dragon in this simulation game!

Expand your dragon empire and boost your collection by automating your dragons! Discover the evolve system to acquire additional dragon to become the best dragon tamer in this simulation game. You can upgrade your dragon online and offline! Start training your dragon now!

Have you ever trained a dragon? Stop asking how to train your dragon! Ready to embark on an exciting adventurous mission to acquire advance dragons. The aim of this dragon strategy simulator is to build your dragon empire and gain as many idle benefits as possible: with the income you make from the dragon farm, you will have to to upgrade and evolve your dragon into another form, put on equipment and optimize your dragon farm. What makes this game different from the other idle games it that you can become a dragon manager tycoon, build a enormous dragon farm, and train your dragon!

Acquire and evolve your own dragon! Enjoy becoming a real dragon tamer!

IDLE DRAGON TYCOON: Stop asking how to train your dragon

Automate your dragon farm to increase your idle income: No need to tap like other online clicker simulator
Get dragons and earn more dragons: Unlike many business games, your dragons will continue to grow when you are offline
Evolve and grow your dragons! You will be a dragon tycoon in this game even offline!
Every dragon has a special skill: Increase dragon productivity!
Build up your idle dragon empire simulation without the endless clicking you experience in other clicker games!
Manage more than 100 dragons like a boss: Become a dragon tycoon by managing this dragon business simulator!
Become a true dragon tamer! Tame more than 100 dragons, making this different than all of the other idle tycoon game.
Increase your productivity in this offline tycoon simulator game!
Become the strongest dragon manager tycoon in this idle dragon simulation! No mindless tapping like the other clicker games.

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Idle Dragon Tycoon user reviews :

The graphics are great. The concept is great. My biggest issue is the game is extremely slow paced. It takes forever to make any real process and you get about 10 minutes of play at a time, if that. Also, the special features like enhancements and evolution need to be explained. Not a forced tutorial thing, but an info window would be great.

  • Thank you for your review and suggestion. Hope you can enjoy our game at your own pace.

I liked the little bit of the game that I played but the ad rewards take an eternity to load and the part of loading the game where the save data is recovered seems to take forever too. I’ve recently downloaded videos from Hulu and updates from Google Play and there didn’t seem to be any problems. I even tried a hard reset. I would like to try this game ,again, some other time, though.

Strangely enough, the voice acting, sound effects, and mechanics are way too close to idle space farmer. The main difference is the art style, which has much lazier designs. Some dragons look sorta cute, but one is literally just a flying dog in a hat – i guess the company just put this loveless app out to be an ad machine. Too bad.

it very much time consuming for me and I love how its easy to play and easy to learn plus their shop deals are fantastic prices. I fo hope however that they will be making updates for more dragons! Plus I also hope they will have other things in store for this game to be better for example like mini games for our dragons. But either way it still a fantastic game in my opinion!

  • Thank you for your review and suggestion. Glad that you enjoy our game!

Descent, i guess. Annoyed that it doesnt explain how to unlock the egg hunt or other lands, especially the egg hunt as there are daily challenges for it that i as of now cant complete (for reference im up to over 100m treasure). Once things are explained better, could definitely give a higher rating, but as is… 3 is about it.

  • Thank you for your review! Would you mind contacting us at idt[at] to help us improve the game? Hope you enjoy our game.

I like this game. It’s adorable and perfect for when I’m waiting for my school work to finish cooking. (I’m a chef-in-training.) But twice I bought a normal chest with those dragon heart crystals things and twice I could not find the chest in my items. It just disappeared. A waste of currency. If this problem is fixed then I could give 5 stars.

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