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[Game] Purr-fect Chef – Cooking

Purr-fect ChefPurr-fect Chef is a new type of cute anime cooking game with millions of fans around the world. Instead of running restaurants, your goal is to pass as many fun stages as possible with different innovative gameplays and also explore the story.

Our main character Purrito is a successor of a legendary gourmet who went missing. You will join his journey to win the culinary competition, become a master chef and discover the secret of the Dark Cuisine League! You will also get to meet Purrito’s cute and unique customers and learn their stories along the way.

Purr-fect Chef Features:
Warm and cute anime-style animal characters.
Hundreds of collectible special recipes from different cultures.
More than 1000 addictive stages and endless maps to explore.
Unique time management game mechanics, gameplay changes with your in-game progression so you never get bored.
Remold? Get a new look for your stores and home!
Play with friends? You can even invite them to taste your recipe!
Follow the main storyline to discover the real secret along with tons of characters’ stories. Listen to their stories, and share their pain and happiness.

Caution: anime food can cause real food cravings!

A unique addictive time management game you have never seen before.
A completely new world waiting for you to explore.
Are you prepared?
Download Purr-fect Chef and play now!

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Purr-fect Chef user reviews :

Sigh… I really wanted to like this game, but the timer thing, is so stressful. I wish it wasn’t required. I failed the task, aka the level, by one order. There is simply not enough time for the tasks at hand. But, I just sadly cannot recommend this game. Cute graphics, fun idea… But if you get stressed easily– then this isn’t for you. I expected a peaceful game. One without timers! But, oh well! Thank you for the hard work. I really hope you can add a “no timed level” soon. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for the comments! If you have problems finishing levels, please feel free to ask in our Discord server. In addition, we probably will think about adding levels to play around with timers

The story and art are interesting, but the game is breaking itself. Ex, you reach the Dark Cuisine level 7 they give you a “helper” who is slow and gets in the way. I was getting 3 stars first try on almost all of them, and after trying three times on level 7 I’m still falling short. The only thing I can think to do is use an item to boost happiness while guests are forced to wait. Also can’t get 3 stars after a point in the bonus events. There’s no way to upgrade things, so it’s all too slow.

  • Hi Chef, You can try to use newer items in Dark Cuisine, it will be easier to pass the stage.

This game has quickly made its way to one of my favorites. It really helps pass time and keeps me occupied when I’m bored! I love the friends feature/home feature where I can make my own foods and visit friends, although whenever I try to unfriend someone (due to not being active because there is 50 limit) it doesn’t allow me to, not a super big issue but it would be nice to have that bug fixed! I would reccomend this game to anyone, and diamonds are not hard to get!

  • Dear Chef, thanks for your support! We are definitely going to grow this game and feel free to join our Discord to get info about updates and live events in the future: discord.gg/XsdBKPBYc6

I love everything about this so far. The artstyle is very detailed, pleasing and unique. I have also joined the discord. What would make me love this more would be more options for customization, on Purrito, the customers..etc. Speaking on the customers, I love their designs very much, both odd and unique at the same time. Each customer could have their own little info or story in a bio, and a favorite meal aswell if that’s possible. I think it could add some personal charm to the game.

  • Dear Chef, thanks for your feedback and support! We are working hard on many new features and content. Keep in touch with us and feel free to contact us in the Discord server with any questions or feedback!

A very unique time management cooking game! I was surprised to see a new game like this, not just another cooking game with repetitive core gameplay, but you can experience different mechanics with your in-game progression, like a casual version of “Overcooked”! Not to mention the storyline is great too, I cannot wait to find out what happen next.

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