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Collect and train over 120 unique creatures, customize your trainer from hundreds of options, and explore an engaging JRPG narrative!

It’s your first day as a Battle Researcher in the region of Velua. Everything is going smoothly until a mysterious force attacks. Build up a squad of Coromon, track down the invaders, and grapple with a rising threat that endangers everyone in Velua!

When you aren’t adventuring, challenge other Battle Researchers in head-to-head combat to improve your battle skills. How high can you climb on the leader boards?

Build a team from more than 120 charming creatures.
Master a battle system where every action costs resources, so choose skills, status effects, and attacks carefully to overcome your enemies.
Challenge friends online and see whose Coromon squads are the best of the best.

Explore 6 major zones and cities with dozens of interconnecting routes to traverse.
Travel across frozen glacial caverns to the depths of blistering deserts.
Play a key role throughout a fully-fledged classic JRPG narrative, complete with plot twists, turns, and revelations.

Immerse yourself in the story on the easiest setting without hassle, or focus on tactics, number-crunching, and resource management.
Use the built-in Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes to put fan favourite twists on the creature catching experience.
Create the trainer you want, using hundreds of customizable elements like hair, fashion, and more.

Battle Dome mode will challenge your teams in new and unique ways. How many opponents can you conquer?
Daily and weekly challenges will give you more ways to unlock rewards just for playing.
12 new languages to pick from.
And more!

One-time-purchase luxury items enhance your experience, including the new Fruit Drone and Remote Storage.
Earn Style Crystals to customize your Battle Researcher’s unique look.
Unlock premium Coromon skins for even more exotic creatures.
And more!

Your Coromon adventure awaits. What will you discover?

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PLEASE NOTE: Coromon is a “try before you buy” title. A portion of the early game is free to enjoy, but a single purchase of $4.99 is required to unlock the full narrative.

Coromon user reviews :

I bought the full version, beat the whole main storyline in about 14hrs of game play. I enjoyed the puzzle aspects that made some parts challenging, though I wish location’s on the map told you what buildings were where. Hard to finish a side quest if I have to scour the whole map to find which building I need to go to to finish it. Overall, I’m looking forward to the next part of the storyline that is hinted at once you beat the game.

Latest update fixed the black screen issues and now the game runs smoothly. However I’d have to rate it lower since cloud saves don’t work at all! I formatted my phone and was able to restore my Coromon purchase but my save was nowhere to be found! I had cloud saves enabled all the time. Still a great game but I don’t think I’ll be replaying anytime soon, with all my considerable progress lost

Lovely mon collector that scratches the itch after Pokemon getting stale. Didn’t want to leave a review before hitting the end but after 40 hours and finally a perfect team I guess it should be said the game is well done. Base game is only €5 which is fairly priced, I’d dare to say even cheap. Puzzles sometimes hard to perform on mobile, but with easy access to saves they are fine once you train a bit (I suck at platforms so most people should be fine). Big recommendation, try it buy it.

The game is good but the monetization is a net negative. On the mobile version you need to pay for certain items (there is literally no other way). Which is fine. But in cross save you can’t use these items here if you found them in a non-mobile version and vice-versa if you buy the items here you can’t use them on the non-mobile version. It’s pretty infuriating so I would not recommend cross play. Also the daily quest stuff just sucks, some of the goals are super annoying

The toggle Easy trainer battles (select a squad member after an opponent faints)” isn’t working for me. On, off, doesn’t matter. No prompt to swap my active after knocking out an opponent. That aside, the game has gone above and beyond my hopes. Custom difficulty settings, to include nuzlocke options? Unique designs for healing centers? Leveling adds to your move pool rather than FORGETTING older moves? It truly has everything other games miss! Oh, and you gotta love the Baelin easter egg!

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