Tales Up – Be the hero of the story

[Game] Tales Up –  Your Adventures

Tales UpEach choice has its consequences. Discover your new role-playing games in Tales Up.

Pégase for Best French Mobile Game 2023.

Be the hero of the story!
In Tales Up, you are the masters of your destiny. You decide which path to take, if you should trust that beggar who claims she can see the future, which one of you should give their life to save the others…

Discover unique adventures
Each adventure is unique! Want some conflict? Choose a Survival story! An ounce of magic? Choose a Fantasy story! Each story has artwork, a soundtrack and unique animations… and for those who don’t like overly-long stories, we’ve even got series!

Play the way you like
You decide until the end, and that includes the game mode.
Tabletop mode : share the experience physically with your relatives; in a bar with friends, during a family dinner, with your colleagues…
Online mode : enjoy adventures with the person you choose from all over the world.
Solo mode : take control of your team of adventurers.

Progression & Collection
As you play our adventures, you can unlock others but also customize your avatar with different trinkets and goodies. For the more curious among you, you can find objects and titles by exploring secrets in the stories, and accomplishing missions!

Regular releases
New content comes out regularly: new stories, new objects, new characters.
Tales Up is a cooperative role-playing game combining board games and gamebooks such as “books in which you are the hero”. But it’s also very easy to learn, so it’s perfect to bring fun when having a few drinks in the evening!

You’ll find stories about zombies, pirates and Vikings… Funny situations and surprises guaranteed!

Key Features :
Unique Adventures
Play in the mode of your choice
Individual progress
Updates and new content added regularly
Impactful multiplayer features

Enter the world of Tales Up and become the hero of your own story. Download the game now and get ready for unforgettable adventures!

Note: An Internet connection is required to fully enjoy the game. This game is also available on web browser.

We are an independent french studio made up of a team of passionate people, we hope you have a great time!

Tales Up user reviews :

Game is great storytelling and a lot of fun for families. Our age range is 10-32 and we all love it. It has become our new go-to game when we have an hour to kill. I wish there was the ability to have more secret split-ups and do things simultaneously instead of watching someone else do something. There’s also still some bugs to work out as far as the game glitching out and not being able to continue. It doesn’t happen often but it’s very frustration spending 30+ minutes for it to then happen.

  • Hey ! thank you for the review The quantity of secret split-ups depend a lot on the adventures you are playing. We’re sorry you’re experiencing some glitches, we’re constantly working on improving the game but we are still a small team

Like music, graphics, sfx, options. Hate decision timer. I read too slow to properly process the info and make a decision. Not like I’m actually there looking around. I have to imagine it and understand words well. I just wanna relax with a choose your adventure book. Guess I’ll have to buy paperback. Just more dull.

  • Hello, we’re sorry that you’re experiencing some trouble with the timer and we understand your reluctance. We are listening to all feedback from the players. We are aware of the constraints of using timers and are considering an alternative option.

Even when I turn off the sound and music, it still plays the sound and music. Sometimes all the options/choices in the stories are in French. How the heck am I supposed to understand that?

  • Hi Alice, we’re sorry if you experienced some bugs. Did you turn off the sound and music directly from when playing to the adventures ? Also sorry if we missed some translations, we’re still a small team, you can send emails to support@talesup.io so we can change all that. Texts are way too big to find the spots manually…

Ok so far but 50 CA bucks for the pass is unreal I get it that this is a small team but come on man! Ps. Not mad just frustrated

I’II give this 3 stars for now. First start of the game was great nothing is glitching everything is going smoothly and I love the music honestly seems a very fun game for me because I love role playing. But when I started to play the stories then download the story it tooks so much time does it need strong Wi-Fi? Or is it some kind of bug cause it’s taking very long to download and process the story. Please tell me why

  • Hello, thanks for this detailed review. The game requires indeed a good internet connexion to be able to download the adventures quickly !

Great narratives, way better then one could’ve expected.

  • Hey ! Thank you very much for the review

Dodgy at best. Please delete any data u have on me. The actual story’s are slow to load (maybe that’s just my phone). The start was super funny and had me laughing. But then my device started overheating. I would 100% give a better review if it was more polished and didn’t take my location

  • Hello Sam, thanks for taking the time to give us a review. If needed, you can ask for data deletion through email request. However, don’t worry, as a small independent video game studio, we have no interest whatsoever in stealing your data . Regarding the loading, fiy you need a really good internet connexion to play it !

Great game so far! I give it4 stars only because I wish the ads can give you more tickets like 50 tickets would be fine but 30 is abit few as the chapter requires 200 and sometimes even more to unlock. Except that issue everything is good! Storyline and grammar is very perfect and gives you good experience when you play with brothers or friends!

  • Hi ! Our business model does not rely upon intrusive paid ads, also, sometimes you may have to spend money to get the adventures faster but it does also reward the work of the artists . We want to be able to live from our game someday so we cannot give plenty of tokens that easily ! We hope you’ll understand.

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