No Humanity – Extremely hard and unpredictable

[Game] No Humanity – The Hardest

No Humanity

Once upon a time, there is a spaceship, it got caught up in a galactic doodle war between Brian and Shan, where lasers are beaming, bullets are firing, little boys’ hairs are rapidly growing and monsters’ eyes are popping.
To be warned, this is not a game for everyone, we made this game extremely hard and unpredictable to just make our fans very happy.Therefore this game contains:

Mild frustration and unfair gameplay
Ugly doodle on space-themed apocalypse
poorly made bullet hell without shoot’em up
up to 8 players online multiplayer: only not lag if you play with friends
a lot of fish
poor taste humour
amateur graphic and limited budget music
rewarded video ads
definitely once a time life experience
decent amount of Chinese
no wifi kinda works
claw machine

This game probably deserves no attention, but somehow we went viral from TikTok. Thank you our dear fans, because you shared this game with your friends and watched them struggle, this game survived, and the team gets to go crazy with their ideas.

Many love, Brian from the discord community.

No Humanity user reviews :

It’s been 10 minutes since I downloaded this game, I think the creaters did a great job at creating a game that is difficult and very fun once u understand it, The concept is simple STAY ALIVE!, This game has an online mode too where u can play levels made by others ( like geometry dash or happy wheels). It’s quite fun

Hard, but fun (honestly). To be fair, I didn’t understand the game at first and almost uninstalled, but that was bc I didnt understand the bosses and kept forgetting the missions. Probably the funnest game with the various ships and weapons, but also the graphics. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and k!ll opponents in PVP, or play solo through the various worlds. Tons of nuggets to win coins and bonuses, no ads, unless you want to relive a game or extra bonuses. 10 out of 10 for best mobile game!

Had fun playing, like really fun, playing this game since 2 years ago and it is still better. But i can’t make any level in the iu because the game won’t show the “permission to access photos and videos” so i cannot get access to my photos on the app

really simple and fun game. Honestly, i only download this game because someone in the reviews said they’d recommend, that is, I’m in not a baby (or something along those lines) so I challenged myself. One thing I’ll say, the game isn’t easy going, but that makes it all the more fun. I ain’t no chicken. really cool ships and worlds and the art and designs are goofy.

Really fun game but the adds are hot garbage. Most are 30+ seconds, some are about a minute long, some crash your game. Also, you can’t really tell when the bosses are gonna appear in the chinese planet, so you die ALOT. Don’t even mention the bullet hell circle missions, it gave me ptsd. Also also, idk if this a problem with my device, but sometimes either the screen freezes or I can’t move. This game has a lot of pros, but also (more annoying) cons. Still fun and tough though.

Just when I thought mobile bullet hell games were too easy this game comes in and sweeps me off my feet. The only bad thing is that I don’t fully understand pvp yet but that’s a me problem. I love how it looks like an early newgrounds type of game, the level presentation before unlocking it is breathtaking, I love that it makes me want to throw my phone to the wall but I’m too busy with the play button to actually do it. I’d sing more praises but I’ll run out of characters. Great work y’all.

The game is really fun i’d say, but there is one problem that keeps happening to me. When i watch an add, specifically for a reward, the game freezes and i have to reset it. – That problem do doesn’t occur no more, but there is now a new bug. When i play in the arcade game i can’t pick up keys or tokens. Also whilst typing this, the game desided that i clicked the upgrade button and wasted 400 gems, thanks alot for taking care of your game, 2 stars, great game, ruined potential, “TOO MANY BUGS”

I absolutely love this game. I have ADHD and this game never makes me have to shift focus because its always challenging. Its perfectly tough, and addictive. I haven’t experienced the bugs everyone is speaking of so i don’t have any complaints except i want more. Thanks for sharing.

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