Critter Coast – Help save the townsfolk

[Game] Critter Coast – Merge Adventure

Critter CoastThe town is in ruins and all the critters are trapped!

Help save the townsfolk and repair the village as you explore the world of Critter Coast.

collect and merge items
restore the town by completing quests
a fun world to explore
relaxing & stress-free gameplay

Critter Coast user reviews :

Edit: THE PROBLEM’S BEEN FIXED! And it’s even smoother than before!! Original rating: I absolutely adore this game, but I restarted my progress after reaching the end so I could play again and I cant get back in. It just crashes before the cutscene can even load. Please fix this, I absolutely love this game and would love to play again.

  • So sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some crash issues! Please contact us at support[at] and share as much information as you can. We will definitely investigate your case. Thank you for posting!

It’s a really interesting game. I love the take on it from traditional merge games. I really like playing it. It’s very calming and relaxing for me. The only thing I would critique about the app is the writing and dialogue for the characters. It gets kinda old and dull and doesn’t feel natural. It does get very repetitive as well but it’s a merge game so you kinda expect that. The animation though and character designs are very cute! And I love how you can actually have a free roam character.

The game wasn’t so linear before, but now you can only work on one place at a time, and you can only finish Otter’s tasks and go to islands when the game allows you. Also, once I was about midway through completing the fields, the game got an update and I guess by the point I was at, the beach area was supposed to have been cleared but I didn’t have the chance to do that, which could be a problem further in the game. It’s a fine game overall, just feels really slow now.

  • Hello! Our dev team definitely appreciates your opinion and this kind of feedback will make the game better! If you feel up to it, you can email us more specific suggestions at support[at]

I’ve been playing this game over a year and I loved it so much but with this recent update it’s like broken or something! The task board only shows one thing at a time even though I can see there’s a few that need to be done, to the task board it doesn’t exist so I can’t do them. Another issue I keep having is I’ll merge things, run out of energy, leave the game for a while and come back to my progress all resetting and it’s annoying! This game was great for me but now it’s unplayable like this!

  • Hello! I’m so sorry for the confusion here – there’s been a lot of development changes trying to streamline the flow of the game but this has lead to some oversights that we need to work on. And thanks for letting us know about the loss of progress when closing the app. We will be discussing the optimal way of autosaving!

This game has a lot of potential, but it needs a good deal of polish. One fix I wish was added is an undo button. As it is, if you accidentally sell something, you’re SOL and have to merge for a new one. Walking around can be very buggy, not knowing where the barriers are. Places that look like you can walk through are blocked, and places that look inaccessible can be walked through. There are time where you can even get stuck if you aren’t careful with walking.

  • Hi, glad you’re enjoying the game. We’re always working to improve as no release is ever perfect. If you can contact support and share some screenshots of areas where you’re having trouble walking that would really help us make the game better for everyone! There’s a contact button in the settings menu to get in touch

Very very sweet game, but some of the bugs are just terrible. I didn’t get rewarded for finishing a chunk of the island and now I’m at a roadblock because of it. The game screen had glitched during the cutscene and never rewarded me. There’s also the option to recharge your resources around the town, but the option only pops up once and then never again, even though I’d happy spend my gems on it. I can phase through certain spots in the game, but I also get stuck there by accident.

  • Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! We love hearing from players as it helps us make the game better for everyone. You’ve unfortunately discovered a number of bugs int he current version, but we have fixes for them! The next version is coming soon and will address these issues – look for that drop this week!

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