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Cube Zone ioWelcome to Cube Zone io, the perfect blend of addictive gameplay, dynamic 3D visuals, and hilarious cube skins that will keep you hooked for hours!

Picture this: you’re a cute little cube, zipping around in an expansive 3D arena, hustling to gather smaller cubes and growing bigger with each one. It’s like being in a funky, ever-expanding geometric universe! But beware, bigger cubes lurk around every corner. Dodge ’em or face the wrath of crumbling into tiny voxels.

We’ve got thrilling boosters, too! Scoop ’em up to boost your speed, enhance your cube collection powers, or form a nifty defence shield. Every move you make and every cube you take gets you closer to reaching higher levels and dominating the leaderboard.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you absolutely need to play Cube Zone io:

Easy & Addictive Gameplay: The rules are simple, but the fun is limitless! Perfect for those quick gaming breaks or marathon sessions.
Thrilling Competition: Nothing beats the thrill of dodging bigger cubes while climbing the leaderboard. Feel the adrenaline rush as you strive to be the king of the Cube Zone.
Engaging Progression: The more cubes you collect, the higher you level up. Witness your little cube evolve into a mighty giant!
Fun Power-ups: Exciting boosters not only make the game more dynamic but also increase your survival chances in the unpredictable Cube Zone.
Cube Customization: Unlock hilarious and funky skins to personalize your cube. Stand out in the crowd with your unique style!
Free-to-Play: And the best part? It’s absolutely free to play! No hidden charges, just pure gaming joy.

Cube Zone io isn’t just a game, it’s an exciting adventure in a world of cubes! Are you ready to navigate the twists and turns of the Cube Zone? Come join the geometric fun!

Cube Zone io user reviews :

It was interesting at first but then it got annoying, after clicking a button an add pops up, withouteven touching any thing an add will start, to start bigger you need to watch an add, if you die you need to watch an add. Why can’t we use our coins for that? It’s so frustrating. It would be less annoying if it wasn’t the same pop-up add of foodpanda and that multi purpose silicone cup lid all the time, they don’t even change it!

Decently fun time-waster until you realize that the AI will always be the #1 slot and you can never take the lead. Also the math is off, lower numbers shouldn’t be able to take you out as easily as they do and why is it that I can still die in the same collision as me killing another cube? Too many rigged bots to make it a regularly played game…. probably not even worth keep at all. And the ads are pretty bad. “Watch an ad to start bigger?” …”no”…still get the ad but don’t start bigger…

I would have gave this game 5 stars if it weren’t because of 1 problem. The problem is most of the ads(that come in the game because some ads are literally a random app with a white box for its icon that I can simply remove)black out. (if not all.) Love this game until an ad pops up. (not all because I feel some come with the X.)

I’m addicted to this game but do have some thoughts: the old, darker layout was more user friendly (higher contrast between layout and blocks). Also, the ads are excessive. You have to watch an ad whether you want to be revived or not. This game is fun enough that I would pay to remove ads so maybe adding that as an option. Otherwise, I’d rate 5 stars.

I mean it’s not bad but U can play really similar games to this online for free. It kinda just gets boring. The movement of the cube is to much to the left and right and to quick basically. Not bad but can improve a lot.

I’ve been playing this game for about a WK or so …..I only wish the gameplay had a little more explanation….I wish I could speed up like a turbo button when the bigger blocks are on the run to run me over lol maybe change the background and the colors….I love games I do a lot of reviews on all kinds I love the new games so keep making I will keep playing

It’s a fun concept, but the I feel like the math needs to be reworked when blocks collide, also having an AI that auto stays above you really isn’t that fun. I shouldn’t be able to get all power ups at once and get a massive increase in points, but still not go any higher in the rankings.

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