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[Game] Cuddle Crisis

Cuddle CrisisA colorful world of frantic friends has been thrown into chaos!

The border between dimensions has weakened and mysterious portals are opening throughout the land! Pirates, zombies, and even Greek gods are appearing out of nowhere to wreak havoc on your cute colony!

Dive headfirst into the cuddly carnage and challenge your friends in this fast-paced multiplayer melee where only the shrewdest sharpshooter will emerge victorious!

Cuddle crush your adversaries with an array of fun weaponry including peashooters, piercing lasers, and mini-sized muskets! Or go all-out and unleash snuggle-geddon with screen-melting explosive devices!

Blast the stuffing out of your friends in quick bouts of frenzied four-player madness! Or jump into the competitive mode to take on challengers from around the globe!

Smooth and intuitive gameplay lets you casually take down targets for stress relief or assemble complicated combos with increasing point multipliers. Dig into the densely designed core mechanics of the game or pop in for a quick blast of colorful crazy on your coffee break. The choice is yours!

A plethora of vibrant and exciting worlds have been invaded by a cadre of creeps and cronies! Every level offers varied characters and targets for your fuzzy fury! But watch out for friendly faces! Pop your pellet gun in the wrong direction and you’ll drop your scoring combo to nothing!

Earn snazzy rewards for your performances, no matter how you rank! Monthly Battle Passes let you play to earn the items you like and ditch the ones you don’t! Rep yourself as a spooky ghost, a space-traveling astronaut, or an armored mech warrior! Don’t forget to pop back in to Cuddle Nation regularly to see what new and exciting titles, emotes, and wardrobe choices are waiting for you!

Track your stats in the competitive play mode and brave a variety of daily missions! Take home treasures for meeting performance benchmarks and toppling challenges over a variety of categories!

Please note: Incredible Technologies cannot be held responsible for any side effects incurred from playing Cuddle Crisis. Potential risks include: irresistible cuteness, an urge to blast all zombies on sight, obsessions with eject buttons, speaking in a squeaky voice, uncontrollable time travel, sudden piles of gold coins appearing in your living room, unexplainable tags and fur growing on your skin, vision obscured by slime, fear of whales wearing top hats and monocles and excessive use of emotes in daily life.

Cuddle Crisis user reviews :

Cute character designs, but the enemies, backgrounds, and general UI clashes and so horribly with each other with garish colors and conflicting styles. Its hard to see what’s exactly going on because everything is so bright. Game is advertised as a shooter, I wasnt expecting the gameplay to be a glorified carnival game. Which is fine, just not what I was hoping. The store is confusing and not clear that it is the cosemetics are a gacha system.

After a five star rating now changing to one star because after a perfect game for days now the game starts to freeze up I need to close app, the daily coins to watch videos to receive the free coins doesn’t work anymore the coins on screen stay there to stay available but the videos keep saying not available try later and I try all day still doesn’t work. I also did a emote few times and froze up . Couple times on screen the app frozen again.

Amazing game so far! I love how much potential this game has and the features of game modes, skins, and decorations. I do recommend playing this game and also trying to get rewards from the season passes they offer! Again, great game!

Love this way more then I thought I would. Kinda a money grab with the whole random prize thing but it’s like a real carnival game so not bad if you’re looking for fun but sink if you are more into collecting.

Having lotta fun so far. Levels are cool and characters are super cute! Added one of my friends and am able to play with them at the same time!

Love the melee style game!! I love the accessories and design of the characters. Highly recommend this game if you love cuteness and sharpshooting.

Super cute characters, fun to play with friends, and doesn’t take up top much time. Love the customization!

Fun shooting gallery game. Easy to pick up in short bursts. Doesn’t punish you with watching lots of ads.

It’s a fun game. Season pass is reasonable. Fast games when you’re on the move. Pretty competitive.

Love the colorful worlds and costumes! Looking forward to playing this one more with friends and family!

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