Krew Merge Pets – Expand your own Krewbie island

[Game] Krew Merge Pets

Krew Merge PetsKREW is cooking up a storm and this time for the cutest animals you’ve ever seen! Serve food, feed pets and expand your own Krewbie island!

Krew has arrived on the island but where are the Krewbies?
If there’s one thing they love, it’s delicious food!

Merge foods to feed KREW and the Krewbies
Serve sushi, pasta, burgers, icecream, cakes and more!

The more you feed Krewbies, the more they love you!
Fill their love meter and they will come and live with you!

So many adorable Krewbies to collect!
More Krewbies coming soon!

Place new buildings and decorations in your sanctuary!
Unlock whole new areas of the island for your Krewbies to explore!

Find KREW on YouTube: ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, Lunar Eclipse, DraconiteDragon

Krew Merge Pets user reviews :

So cute! But I have very low patience and this game runs on patience. Then again, that’s kinda on me. 10/10 otherwise! Edit: Ok, I watch a LOT of optional ads on this. But sometimes- now more recent than ever- it glitches and I have to watch it twice. Which is just a mild inconvenience. But for the second time today, the game just froze and I had to restart it. Please fix this! Edit, again: The game randomly freezes- now sometimes at the beginning. I have to restart the game so much! Please fix!

Love the game, the visuals and the voice acting by krew is truly stunning!! but, for some reason i think my game has glitched and when i collect the free daily gift, there would usually be a box containing it with other items such as things i’ve bought or mu rewards by leveling up beside the dishes were supposed to make and serve but its missing for me; and it has been for a dag now,,,,,its quite frustrating(just abit) since i can’t collect my rewards but i hope it’s just a glitch! still, 5stars

Very cute and cozy, but my experience is based on how much energy I have… But that’s the only problem… Also, I would like to see a traveling option, and make Funneh to drive the boat… Yeah- I’d like to see how that goes… Anyways, the traveling option lets you go to other Islands with new pets!

This game is truly so fun, the game’s visuals are colorful and fun to look at, the game mechanics are simple and so fun! Great voice acting, character design and map design overall, this game is an amazing game to play casually because its fun and it doesnt rely on wifi so you could play anywhere and anytime. The game is a great game for both younger audience and older audiences. The music and sfx are also great and very high quality. Overall the game is an ∞/10 for me, keep it up krew!

This app is really good the visuals are so awesome the effects are really cute and great I really love it! But when I didn’t allow ads they put ads anyways when I happened for the first time I thought it was just a glitch but then it happened for the 2nd time 3rd time 4rd time lots of time I was kinda annoyed, but still really good game definitely recommended for people especially children,

It’s an enjoyable game to play. I really like the art style , all of it was so cute. Although I do have one issue with it. I wish the cooldowns can recover faster, I am someone who likes to play until I feel like I’ve played enough, and the game restricts that. I hope it gets reduced when and if an update is made.

This game is a game that requires alot of patience. It has a simple premise with a cute art style. It’s a great way to kill time, and it’s very entertaining. With that being said, there are quite a few reasons I can’t give it 5 stars. First of all, the progression system is way too slow. Even if you play the game perfectly, it can take 3 days just to move up 1 level. Because of the slow progression, getting gems(a valuable currency) is a slow process. It’s way to easy to accidentally spent gems

the game is amazing! i love merge games, especially with some extra story or action on the side. you get to serve, build, and invite pets to your island! there’s one problem though. it seems to be in a beta mode, so i find myself stuck in some glitches. but it’s still really fun, and i recommend it if you enjoy merge games!

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