The Changers – Protect the world from invaders

[Game] The Changers – Class Up RPG

The ChangersBreak the mold of RPG. Here comes a real-time roguelike PvP RPG!

A world coexists with the luminous and dark,
The ‘changers’ strike a balance as a guardian of the world.
Be a ‘changer’ to protect the world from invaders.

Unique Battle system
Combinations of Roguelike and Roguelite. You will experience different kinds of joy in every battle.
The results of every moment will start with your choice within a single turn. Build your strategy in a limited time.
Level up Attack, Defense, and Health points using SP points given by every turn. Your choices will affect the following class tree.
Try your luck! Various types of relics will appear randomly.

Blossom of Strategy, Class tree
Attack is the secret of dense! Attack class tree
Balance is important! Shopkeeper class tree
Descent of Merlin, Magic class tree
Souls will be getting stronger by reaching the high rank of the class! Collect various souls to build your class tree.

Real-time PvP battle mode
Become the strongest ‘changer’ in the world! The intense 1vs1 real-time battle with other changers from all over the world!
No man is wise enough by himself! A 2vs2 strategic battle where cooperation with partners is essential.
Challenge a top ranker by winning 1vs1 and 2vs2 battles.

Various Co-op modes
Try to reach high stages with your partner to get more gold! ‘Co-op Dungeon’
Reawake your senses of farming! A fun of equipment farming that you’ve forgotten ‘Raid.’
A chance to get stronger! Gain materials to enhance your equipment ‘Material Dungeon.’
Conquer those chaotic dungeons with your partner!

Story Mode
Experience each soul’s mysterious story through the proceeding story chapters.

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The Changers user reviews :

Stage 39 (2-5) cannot be finished as it is too difficult with all the restrictions on upgrades. Tried every combination and I suppose you’d need to pay to progress in less than an hour in on the game. Great concept, paywall is waaaaay too early, and it’s literally a wall since there’s nothing else you can upgrade or farm from thereon. Tl;dr Good game, very early paywall

Here i’m at 2-5, the fun stoped so soon. To be honest I love the game mechanics, I will try to surpass it a few days later. I will see if it can change my stars or screw whoever create and supervise the level design. Update: i gave up

Good and interesting mechanics. Smooth graphic and auto play. Kinda hard to get highest tier Soul from gacha (no guarantee bonus). Only problem with repetitive, some balance in battle and it took very long to completed each stage.

  • Hello, Tsuyu Kurage. Thank you for your valuable review. We will forward your feedback to the development team to make improvements accordingly. You can receive a quicker response by visiting our official Discord ( Thank you.

Game balance is not good, too difficult at story 2-5 it cannot be finished

Please tone down the difficulty of 2-5 it is almost impossible..

Good game, but it keep freezing after ~5 mins playing (game restarting required, so frustrating). My android is Samsung Galaxy 4Gb RAM, lots of freespace

  • Hello, epic8 loc. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the app crash issue. We have forwarded the relevant information to the development team for improvement. If you visit our official Discord (, you can receive a quicker response. Thank you.

Oh wow, this is an absolutely good game. This is such a great combination! Can’t wait for more updates!

  • Hello, Shapeshifter Kaarel. Thank you for your valuable review and positive feedback. We appreciate it. We will work hard to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience by preparing various content and updates. You can visit our official Discord ( for faster responses. Thank you.

Need more ingame event, discord event, more player

  • Hello, chumido. Thank you for your valuable review and thoughtful suggestions. We appreciate your feedback and will carefully consider your comments to make the gaming experience even more enjoyable. You can visit our official Discord ( for faster responses. Thank you.

Its a good game

  • Hello, Aqif Wafiudin. Thank you for your valuable review and excellent feedback. If you visit our official Discord (, you can receive faster responses. Thank you.

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