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Darkside DungeonWelcome to Darkside Dungeon!

Immerse yourself in the ultimate RPG and roguelike RPG experience with our pixel RPG game. Prepare to face the darkest dungeon, filled with perilous dangers and glorious rewards. Perfect for fans of the JRPG genre, this game offers you an adventure unlike any other RPG games.

As a roguelike, our game delivers an exciting, unpredictable journey. Navigate through the dungeons, make strategic decisions, and develop your characters’ abilities as you meet unique monsters and face challenging bosses. This offline RPG is designed to give you a rich, engaging gameplay even without internet connectivity.

Darkside Dungeon boasts key features like:

Immersive RPG gameplay: A detailed storyline and characters development system, akin to a true JRPG.
Roguelike mechanics: With random generated dungeons and permadeath, every playthrough is a unique experience.
Offline play: Enjoy the thrill of our pixel RPG anywhere, anytime.
Stunning pixel art graphics: The pixel JRPG genre is brought to life with meticulous, atmospheric art style.
In-depth combat system: Master a range of abilities and tactics to overcome your foes.
Challenge yourself in the darkest dungeon, uncover secrets, gather rare items, and enhance your characters’ abilities. You control your story, defining your heroes’ destiny and ultimately conquering the Darkside Dungeon.

Step into our roguelike RPG world and prove your mettle. Download Darkside Dungeon today and embark on the ultimate RPG adventure.

Darkside Dungeon, where JRPG meets roguelike. Your epic pixel RPG adventure awaits!

Farming Focused RPG
Over 1000+ Gears Collect & Upgrade
50+ Attributes Combination
Sockets and Carving Jewels
Various Magical Skills

12 Classes of Heroes
STR/DEX/INT Stat Strategy
Awakening and so forth

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Darkside Dungeon user reviews :

Lots of grinding, no ads, annoying sound fx. But otherwise, a good time waster. Pick up and play, no hand holding. No tutorial. Perfect. To the dude who says he can’t view his stats, are you blind? It’s in your inventory screen, and visible when Leveling up. Default on basic stats with an advanced stats tab too.

Replay ability is key for most games, with each character having there own levels and skills. You can be overpowered with one character but struggling with others. Good time killer game.

Not a genuine RPG game. Any character can equip any item. Basic attack is completely automated. Basic attack almost always misses. No way to view your stats. Upgrades to strength, dexterity, and intelligence don’t seem to do anything. CANNOT VIEW YOUR STATS!! Not a fun game, would not recommend.

I like the game so far. No rush for the leader board stuff is nice. Diverse characters and equipment. The fact you can play as a vampire then a cat lady and bunny girl is interesting. I find it funny how the introduction for the vampire is vampire, then for the cat lady is Blood Bath Lol! And then the Bunny girl is introduced as Destruction Lol. The game takes some time to figure out and manage. Not pressuring to spend money nor watch ads is nice. I can actually play the game. This is loveable.

1 of the better dungeon crawler semi rpg games around. Tons of items characters for u to choose but only certain conditions are met. In game purchased buffs n items are not cheap though. Shd hold like 50% off at certain periods. Or give free log in items. 1 of the things that pissed me off are the hero hitting chances are so low most times even lower lever monsters hit almost like 70 to 80% hit chance to u most times. 4.5 stars

Interesting old-school game, it’s more of a semi idle rpg than an active one but still the gearing system is very fulfilling but the levelling takes a bit too long in my opinion. I really enjoy playing it though so I would recommend trying it! I would also like to mention that the summoner class is bugged when you summon the monsters while the current summons haven’t disappeared they will bug out…. please fix that. Also the rates on the upgrades are obnoxious…

Casually climbing the leader board and learning the game. Very awesome so far and the prices for things are very reasonable and help make this game great! Looking forward to what more you add!

I enjoy the game for the most part, I just wish there was better explanations on what each ability/Stat does, maybe a skill to hit a monster more often since it seems like there is a lot of misses even though you don’t see a miss pop up, and please for the love of God, can we get some better English translation? I have no idea what it says when there’s alerts flashing on the map or what it says when I get cursed. My issue with explanations is that I have 0 clue how to ascend my heros.

Pretty fun RPG rogue like game. Dying isn’t punished very much so easier to push forward trying to explore.

Thoroughly impressed with the game so far. I’ll be back later to update this review once I have spent an appropriate amount of time with game, but so far, so excellent!

UI needs a bit of improvement, it looks messy and confusing but overall the game is fun.

So far…4 characters to play from. One piece of advice, buy return scrolls. Having an absolute blast. Hoping to buy base equipment draws here soon.

Work on the atk style cuz they hit me like 30 times and by that time I’m dead sucks when you don’t have a dodge system I get it it would be cheap just to dump all your points into it I’m still trying to get use to the flow of things

It’s fun for a dungeon prowler easy to harder level dungeons as you go. But there are a few things that can be fixed like Everytime I go up three levels it drops me out and I have to go back in what’s that about

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