Word Season Crossword – Slide letters and hunt hidden words

[Game] Word Season Crossword

Word Season CrosswordTrain your brain, improve your vocabulary and relax your mind

Welcome to Word Season, the most addicting word puzzle game tailored for everyone on mobile and tablet! Slide letters and hunt hidden words!

Discover the perfect mix of Word Search, Crosswords and Scrabble.

How to Play:
It is very simple, swipe the letters on the wheel to find hidden words

Easy to play with a fresh and modern look
Have fun in the Quest road and more and more challenging crossword puzzles
More than 5000 levels!
Play the Daily Puzzle to get lots of coins every day
Unlock more than 30 beautiful themes and customize your game
Play without connection, whenever and wherever you want
No timer, no pressure

Word Season is completely FREE to play, enjoy now an unlimited number of word puzzles and hours of brain teasers!

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Word Season Crossword user reviews :

Wonderful word game! The letters are in a smooth font – so many other word games do not have this feature. The scenery in the backgrounds is beautiful. If you cut back on ads (in middle of puzzle?) I will rate 5 stars

Enjoying myself. Been a long time that ive played puzzle games. Ads abit annoying at times. Sometimes I draw a word but at later stage then the word becomes useful. So you just have to have more patience and exercise your brain. Main problem is i have to turn my data off to skip annoying ads.

Addictive. The down side is the same as keeps playing repeatedly through out the day. I understand the need for the ads but, it would help if they changed it up more often. It is slightly challenging but, it’s pretty easy. The scenes are nice and I like that I can turn the background music off in addition to the sounds from selecting letters.

Great game! The hint buttons work smoothly. The graphics are colorful and pretty. A few of the ads are too long, just to stop and get a hint. If you need another hint, thats a long wait! It makes you want to stop playing the game because it becomes annoying.Otherwise, a fun game.with a change to the ads, the game could be a Five Star game!

Eh, this game’s okay. With these games I like to get all bonus words possible, however this one doesn’t have a lot of words in the database. Example: the letters from “elbow” can also spell out below and bowel, but the game won’t recognize either bonus words. Also, the levels don’t really increase in difficulty. It’s just similar 5-word grids over and over. It would be better if the grids expanded and the bonus word system allowed all possibilities.

Overall great game of its type. Easy flow and maneuverability. Doesnt stay super easy for a gazillion levels. Spin for coins and bonus hints very cool. Has a daily challenge. Everything i look for. Not sure if there are tournaments which would be or may be another challenge option. Ads are not excessive. Only complaint is how many legitimate and common words that are not accepted. And plurals are accepted on some words and not others. More consistant dictionary would make it a solid 5+ !

I would give this game a 5 star but it can aggravating. All of my “good words” get sent to the bonus box–which wouldn’t be so bad except it happens so often that I lose my concentration and have to use a hint which turns out its a word I should’ve known. And I can’t really afford to keep buying coins for hints. Otherwise it’s a beautiful and challenging game. I just might be tempted to hit the update.

On level 61, waiting for the game to become a bit more challenging. Also too many words are not recognized, like – roe and gird, that gets frustrating. Otherwise it is fun and ads are not bad. Level 100 finally got 6 letters to play with! Still won’t accept common words like – ream, brie, sate, and ell. Plurals are a puzzle, rates is ok but mates is not.

I’m uninstalling, but it’s only because the game seems to be on repeat. Same words and letters over and over again after level 200 I feel like it’s insanity playing another level just to get the same words and letters from just a couple levels ago expecting it to be more difficult as it gets higher in levels. It does not get harder or change except the scenery.

It is very challenging as it doesn’t use a lot of words other games use. I play a lot of these type games and I am enjoying this one!!

Unlike many similar games this one does challenge you by using less obvious words in the crossword. It also gets into more difficult crosswords quickly which is great – it is so tedious if you have to go through heaps of really simple 3 letter words initially – not the case with this game. Only minus is frequency of ads but at least they are short, so bearable when you have heaps better games. Worth trying!

Good one coins are not enough to use. If there are no other options I have to buy coins ,that I can’t do. Only option left is delete the game

Fun and relaxing but not challenging enough..tired of stupid ads…so far..haven’t found a way to get rid of them

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