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[Game] DoD – Days of Doomsday

Days of DoomsdayMonsters from other dimensions are destroying the world!
Assist the Princess of the fallen Empire to save the world!
Our only hope is to summon various Heroes from other dimensions!
Protect our universe with these adorable little interdimensional fighters.

Experience their heroic adventures firsthand!
Fight swarms of monsters alongside your comrades and emerge victorious!
Collect and train various cool Heroes!

Easy, accessible one-handed control scheme
Adorable artwork by celebrated webtoon artist, Diyap(opinew6)
Beautifully written fantasy narrative
An adventure with branching stories! Write your own Otherworld Saga!
Survive using dozens of skills and weapons that require meticulous tactical management!

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Days of Doomsday user reviews :

Pretty cute survivor game. Seems inspired by Trickal, art-wise. Surprisingly, some effort was actually put into the story/dialogue; it’s quite funny. Only problem I had was when my phone forced restart in the middle of a run; I got back on, and it said it had saved the data from my run, but it restarted from the beginning of the level, instead.

  • Hello, traveler! Thank you for the great review! It seems like it could look that way because the same illustrator participated! Unfortunately, if you quit the game in the middle of the game, you may not start at the exact same level, but we will try to improve it! thank you!

Only major complaints I have are the use of an energy system and that gold prices seem a bit steep. (although that’s offset by how much you earn in game and in the shop) Other than that, this is an incredibly solid clone of Vampire Survivors with the vibe of a gacha game and a downright ADORABLE art style that sets it apart from other games in this genre! EDIT: You misunderstand me, devs- I’m not complaining about too little energy, but that you even used the energy system in the first place.

  • Hello, traveler! Thank you for the great review! Another traveler also expressed the opinion that it would be nice to have more stamina. Therefore, we are discussing with the development team to make improvements for a richer game. If there are any improvements in the future, we will notify you of the changes through official SNS. thank you!

Decent gameplay like vamp survival type. Cute art, great and chilling music, amazing story and dialog, Level design is pretty good too. Hopefully there will be more various skills and stuff in the next update.

  • Hello, traveler! Thank you for the good review.

Really good concept and art style, interesting choice of mechanics, great rouge-like system. Just teeny tiny bit of problem, why does eveything need to have a hitbox, i felt like sneako by how much cuck i got from the random movements made by the NPCs.

  • Hello, traveler! Thank you for the great review! We will do our best to make it a better game!

great game. level progression is good and the variety of weapons and evolutions available are well paced and keeps the game interesting. would give 5 stars if i can play the game after the recent update. upon start up i encounter error 403 though

  • Hello, travelers! If you are experiencing error 403, please check the temporary solutions below. First, if you are not playing with a guest account, we recommend uninstalling the game and reinstalling it to try playing. If there are any improvements in the future, we will notify you of the changes through official SNS. thank you!

Surprisingly pleasant vampire-like. The little bit of plot is funny and isn’t annoying at all. The abilities aren’t surprising or unique, but aren’t too boring either. I’m having fun so far.

  • Hello, traveler! Thank you for the great review! We will do our best to provide you with a more fun experience! We ask for your anticipation and if you have any inconveniences while using the game, please email us at at any time! thank you!

Cute characters, reasonable skills, different maps in each stages. Love it.

  • Hello, traveler! Thank you for the great review! We will reward you with cuter characters and fun content! thank you!

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