Stickman Red boy and Blue girl – Join them on an adventure

[Game] Stickman Red boy and Blue girl

Stickman Red boy and Blue girlStickman Red And Blue is an addictive puzzle game where you have to embody both characters.

Control both stickmen at the same time and use the buttons to move, push boxes, and collect coins to find the exit in the jungle.

On a beautiful day, Red Stickman and Blue Stickman went out together in the forest, they accidentally got lost in the maze. There are many pitfalls here and they must be overcome before they can go home. Two stickmen have to solve many tasks of the maze puzzle. Join them on an adventure, escape the forest and return home safely.

In this cool collaboration game, Fire Red Stickman can handle incredible blazes while his companion, Water Blue Stickman can keep things cool with her marvelous sea-going capacities. Red Stickman can slide across cold surfaces yet this hot kid going to struggle to scale any inclines that have snow on them. Red Stickman will slide directly off.

In the interim, Blue Stickman gets eased back down at whatever point her feet contact level regions canvassed in snow and ice. Frigid inclines are no issue for this cool young lady, however. Blue Stickman can impact straight up to them! So this unique couple is going to indeed have to collaborate while Red Stickman bounce across the whole of the sanctuary’s foundation and race towards each leave entryway. It’s the lone route for Red Stickman and Blue Stickman to endure every one of the levels and gather huge loads of valuable, shading-coded gems en route.

Red And Blue Stickman will undoubtedly experience bunches of traps and astounds, as well, and that is the place where you come in. Red And Blue Stickman will require your assistance while they attempt to sort out some way to ignore lakes by freezing them with lasers or get around pools loaded up with foaming liquid magma. These two saints Red And Blue Stickman love a decent experience and they’re trusting that you do also.


We will update new exciting challenges every week, helping you to experience different challenges, not get bored.
Awesome animation and sound effects.
Easy but addictive teamwork gameplay.
Nice characters and design.
Smooth controls.
Download the game completely for free.

How to play:
Move Red Stickman and Blue Stickman by arrows and avoid obstacles. Red Stickman must avoid water while Blue Stickman must avoid fire.
Just touch the button “Swap” to change from Blue Stickman to Red Stickman and vice versa
Collect gems as much as possible.

Do not hesitate to download and play Red And Blue Stickman – today’s most popular puzzle game to participate in conquering exciting challenges. Have fun and get through quickly each challenging level in Red And Blue Stickman.

Stickman Red boy and Blue girl user reviews :

I LOVE the thing that it is offline and levels get harder!! keep up the Good work

Its so good and i wont get board i like it when theres more levels and characters

The best game ever i like the stick man blue and red and blue

Well it was fun playing it but you know after 100 level I started to notice that the previous levels were repeating again again . Which is really annoying like I have completed the levels but I have to complete it again . So please (to the owner ) make new levels stop repeating previous level . And BTW I am saying to make new levels cause I don’t want to play the previous levels that I have finished and I also don’t want to delete this. Because its really amazing game . Ok that’s all . Bye.

“It was A Good Game” The game puts a 45 sec ad that if you mistakefully jump on it’ll activate and they making VIP subscriptions.I support alot of small games that have a new idea and this was a really good idea take example Among Us.It had a 5 second ad sometimes after you win or lose a match. *NOT LIKE MOST GAMES* that after you touch the back button it plays a 30 second ad

Nice concept, far too many adverts, that you can’t skip, in the middle of a level, between levels. It’s ridiculous.

The game stops working at level 75.. what’s happening I tried it on my two devices and the same thing happened..I also introduced my friends to the game and they said the same thing. Please producers make it start working, I’m really enjoying the game pleaseeee.. I’ll be waiting

It is a pretty nice but has one major flaw to play each level in the game you have to watch an ad it is really annoying but besides that it is pretty good.

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