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DC Heroes and VillainsThe DC universe needs YOU in DC Heroes & Villains, an epic Match-3 RPG superhero game!

Collect and train legendary DC icons like Batman, The Joker, Blue Beetle, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luther, Harley Quinn, The Flash and take on enemies to survive extinction!

A mysterious pulse has stripped away all super powers, and it’s up to you to assemble the ultimate super team and fend off this galactic injustice. Become the master with your very own team of DC Superheroes and Super-Villains, and prepare for epic PvP battles in this all-new puzzle RPG game!

Explore iconic DC Comics locations from the alleyways of Gotham City to the depths of Atlantis, and prepare for epic battles. Build your very own team of fan favorite DC Super Heroes, Super-Villains or both, and become the master in RPG Puzzle games to wipe out your enemy in PvP and survive extinction.

Strengthen your team and unite with others across the DC universe. Work together to fight injustice and defeat foes and bosses for awesome rewards in limited time events. All DC Comics heroes and villains including Batman, Superman, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, the Joker, Aquaman, and The Flash can be upgraded to become more powerful.

Recruit and collect over 60 DC characters and build teams for every type of battle
Help your team to regain their powers and upgrade abilities to unlock their full potential.
Master challenging Puzzle RPG gameplay across 152 missions and PvP games.
Match tiles and create powerful combo chains to activate exciting Synergy, Melee and Ranged Power moves from your team.
Synergize with Batman, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League to unleash powerful combos.
Batman VS Superman, The Flash VS The Joker, Wonder Woman VS Aquaman, The Riddler VS Blue Beetle, the opportunities for battle are endless.

Tap into the Super within you in DC Heroes & Villains today! Unleash the power of your favorite DC Legends like Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Wonder Woman, and the Flash and dominate the Match-3 RPG PvP leaderboard!

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DC Heroes and Villains user reviews :

It’s fun at first but the difficulty ramps up FAST. I’m a week In, on the 7th map and hit a hard stop at an enemy with “????” Power. So I have to be stronger but have no clue how much stronger. Leveling is such a pain. You get very little rewards or experience for beating levels so it takes ages to level up, there’s a limit on how many times you can auto win for materials, it’s on an energy system so there’s a limit on how long you can play. It’s just like any other PTW game.

Immeasurable disappointment. I remember putting this on my pre register list last year. A long wait for a match 3 game?! It’s a shame, especially since the animations and artwork are fantastic. Game runs really smoothly and clearly a lot of development has gone into every aspect of this. Just a shame the end result is so repetitive and boring. Struggling to find the motivation to play this. Games are mostly down to luck not skill. Mechanics are not unique. Not the game the DC Universe deserved.

Game is fun so far. The animations and voice acting is superb. But the thing holding it back or I can see how some may get burnt out quick is the lack of ways to unlock characters and also lack of things to do in game. I know it’s new but without consistent content updates and/or more challenges overall I can see this game getting boring.

This is a fun game if you like the match 3 style Gameplay. One issue I ran into during pvp battles, sometimes when I have the autobattle button on it will stop on the opponents turn and they won’t make a turn. So the only option is to wait until the timer is up, or flee the fight and lose the battle. It seems like something breaks the turns and we can’t progress the fight. I hope this will get fixed soon.

Great game, lots of fun to be had. My only issues I’ve found is audio for lines not playing and not being able a find a way to turn of those annoying hints. But like others am a bit disappointed that it’s a match game, but what can you do after you’ve based your entire game on it. It’s not like they can change it once it’s released, I look forward to seeing how you can make the match game style even more fun!

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