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[Game] Magic Hero War – IDLE 1k summon

Magic Hero WarMagic Hero War is is an idle strategy game that you can play easily with no farming! Set in a fresh new world full of unique heroes waiting for you to pick them and watch them win one victory after another. Dominate the battlefield with your strategic hero combos!

What are you waiting for? Start your adventure now and explore the secrets through this brand new world!

Idle Without Grinding & Win Easily by Auto-Battles
Go AFK anytime and anywhere. Easily level up your heroes with multiple auto-battles.

Collect, Upgrade, and Unleash the best team from a list of 100 plus unique heroes. Enjoy full screen ultimate ability effects for the astonishing visual experience

Outwit and Outplay & Strategic Lineups
Build multiple powerful lineups with your wisdom. Turn the tables easily by making fantastic combos from different heroes.

Global PvP & Guild Cooperation
Enjoy various social gameplay such as Global PvP, Guild and friends system! Fight for honor with your friends!

Free Resources & Mega Perks
Get 100 draws for free upon login to the game! Get a 5-Star hero for free on the first 10-draw!

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Magic Hero War user reviews :

Nothing new or different and doesn’t exceed what’s already out there. It plays smoothly, a few bugs like not showing red dot next to all heroes who can be upgraded. I also don’t like the hero progress at the bottom of the battle display. It’s distracting and serves no benefit.

  • Dear player, thanks for your feedback. Should you face any issues during gameplay, please contact us anytime at[at] or FB: MAGIC HERO WAR. We’re dedicated to resolving all in-game issues and ensuring a better gaming experience for you. Plus, we’re sending you a gift as compensation.SSS

I reinstalled. First, your link doesn’t work. Second, I don’t see any compensation in my mailbox. I haven’t missed a day since I downloaded it and you need to have a spendable period after the event ends like the majority of games like this. I saved the whole event now the tokens are blue and I got gold instead.

  • Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. You can contact us at[at] or FB: MAGIC HERO, or tell us your contact details. We will take care of any issues you may have. zzz

Currently unable to play stuck load screen 20% try to reinstall still 20%. Lost 2 days of event already which lost me 1 piece ultimate gear already and other cruds.

  • Dear player, thanks for your feedback. Please try clearing the APP cache or reinstalling the game. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us at[at] or FB: MAGIC HERO WAR, we’re here to assist.

To be very honest the game is good, lovely graphics and entertaining but have bugs that needs fixing. I would recommend this to anyone interested in role play games…. I just hope the devs work on the bugs.

  • Hi, in order to help you solve your problem, could you please describe your problem in detail and send it with your ID & server to[at] or FB: MAGIC HERO WAR to see if we can deal with the problem together? It would be better if you also attach a screenshot of the problem.

I really don’t drop reviews but this game has been a pretty good game. They do hook you up with heroes for your journey, and the pulls percentage is not that bad. But where they do get you at is material needed to upgrade them. Since it is a AFK game it’ll take a while to max out your units, but that’s good in the long run. It keeps you coming back. My current team isn’t bad since I have 2 s+ units that I’ve been able to star up and have them on my team, and the other 4 are S units.

I like this game but I have some issues with it. The game keeps closing on me. I’m lucky if I can play 5min without game lagging badly or closing on me completely. The arena seems off balance. I get 1 lower power player then the others are usually top 10 arena players. I refresh and same thing, so I cannot move up in arena. Why are there 2 factions missing from the star portal replace heroes? Plz add what I call the light and dark factions to star portal replace heroes.

I liked the previous incarnation of this game. The biggest complaint I have, is the amount of materials you need to star up your characters….you will have to spend money to get summons, because you will soon find yourself out leveled.

  • Dear player, as you attain higher levels, resource collection becomes easy due to unlocked functionalities and drop rates. Issues should resolve as you level up. Contact us for any concerns at We’ve also prepared a gift for you. yyy

This is just a reboot of magic revenge which is sad because so many players have spent on that game and now instead or just upgrading it you male everyone start over. Also where are the 1000k free summons. Tell me exactly how to get them because I haven’t got them yet. How exactly do you get them?

  • Dear player, the 1000k free summon will open when you reach certain lvl, and you can see them in Campaign window. If you get more suggestion or need help, please feel free to email contact us magirevenge[at] or FB: Magic Hero. Have a good day!

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