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[Game] Master of Knights – Tactics RPG

Master of KnightsBecome a god, overcome the Seven Trials, and conquer Heaven!
Beyond Tactics, Beyond RPG. Meet the Master of RPGs! Master of Knights

An easy-to-play Triple SRPG with Fancy Strategies
Easy to control turn based RPG with a diverse and fancy strategy-making system!
A complete Triple SRPG with the perfect combination of the three ‘S’—Scope, Spell & Skill!
Make your own perfect tactics within this turn based game, using a variety of formations and skills.

Spell Cards—a Whole New Level of Strategy
Say goodbye to games that only use skills! Spell Cards will be the new heart of tactical fighting.
Create your spell card deck with a combination of various elements, including Protection, Wild, Holy!
Build your own strategy with your own Heroes and Spell cards to defeat the enemies!

Two Battle Modes to Make Your Battle Experience Fresh Everyday
A turn based SRPG mode to show off your own unique tactics.
A real-time battle mode where you can enjoy real-time battles.
Enjoy fresh battles everyday with these two modes that never get old!

Dreamy Stories about Beautiful Heroes
Stories that keep you immersed, stories that make you more curious as you read!
Various episodes and substories regarding attractive anime-like Heroes included!
Become a god, overcome the trials with the Heroes that await your command, and conquer Heaven!

Easy Progress with the AFK System!
An AFK system ready for the busy you! An RPG where you get stronger just by logging in.
Strengthen your Heroes with the AFK system. No need to use your hands!

Top Notch Hero Character Illustrations
A high-quality illustration RPG that will make you want to collect them all!
Collect a wide-variety of 50 different Heroes, all with their unique characteristics!

PVP Arena & PVP Mode Colosseum to Show Off Your Tactics
Use your strategy to counterattack enemies that have let their guard down!
Two different PVP modes—Arena and the Colosseum
Build the best strategy to be on top in the PVP mode!

Various Dungeon Stages to Keep you Entertained 24/7
Play a variety of different game modes including Substories, Tower of Ordeals, and the Weekly Dungeon!
Meet the heart of Turn based SRPG through endless adventures in the Dungeons.

Master of Knights App
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Item Information and License Terms
Extra fee charged upon in-app purchases.
Provided by: Seungchul Kim & Taegeun Bae, CEO of Neowiz
License Terms : Service available until as indicated in-game
(When not indicated, service is available till the date of service termination)
Price & Payment Method : Varied according to the price and payment method indicated per item
(Upon paying with foreign currency, the charging price may vary according to the exchange rate and payment fees)
Item Provision Method : Provided immediately to the ID(Character) that purchases the item

Master of Knights user reviews :

Honest opinion needs more auto-play. The game is good not a lot of complaints it’s just like most games in the genre and it has good characters and some fun gameplay mechanics. The game just goes sooooooo slow and constantly having to click everything is annoying. I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way. Just if it had auto play in all modes I would feel so much better playing.

  • Hello. We will do our best to help make future improvements mentioned in your inquiry by sending your feedback to the team for review. We are sorry for not being able to provide you an immediate answer to your inquiry. Please check our Facebook page for improvements and information regarding the game. Thank you.

Lol this is Kingdom Heroes with a new name… And that one was a poor landscape mode rip-off of Shadow Seven which was awesome… this is NOT. Even the story is similar . You should’ve at least maintain the portrait mode of Shadow Seven … The combat system is not enjoyable in landscape. As you’re copying other games, please copy exactly what Shadow Seven was, that’d be great.

  • Hello. Thank you for playing Master of Knights. We appreciate your feedback. The way playing game could be similar but provided contents or composition is different with others. We’ll do our best to provide more fun and differentiated content of our own! Thank you.

So far, I don’t think it’s as good as the original KOH game, but it has its own charm. One of the things I’m glad to see is the same characters. One of the things I’m unhappy to see is the skill and overall game changes. The tactics part is cool, as was the last games design. I’ll play for a while and see if things change for the better.

Decent game, I found it actually fun… but seriously, every feature should be unlocked waaay before chapter 4. The fact that you have to beat like the first TEN chapters before you unlock everything is bs. Never stuck with a game like that and this game isn’t an exception.

  • Hello. Thank you for playing Master of Knights. We have escalated your issue to the appropriate team, and we are making the necessary fixes to solve the problem. We will solve the issue as soon as possible to minimize any inconveniences you might experience. We apologize for the inconvenience.

So far so good,,no problems found so far with gameplay. Story has been well thought out so far hopefully that continues. Only gripe i have is about the price off some off the in game purchases, dont get me wrong there are cheap items as well. Keep up the good work looking forward to whats ahead.

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