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[Game] Decor Dream – House Design

Decor DreamDecor Dream is now playing, come join Natalie and help people transform their homes!
New rooms, completely of your choice, to create awesome rooms!

1. At each level, you have a specific list of goals, just complete them before you run out of moves and then you will be rewarded with unexpected prizes
2. Switch two elements next to each other in order to get three or more similar gems in a row to smash them
3. Coins are important. You can use them to decorate the houses
4. Choose the styles you like and become the greatest designer in your friends

1. Puzzle match games with hundreds of levels
2. It is a totally FREE decoration game
3. Beautiful and lovely graphics
4. Easy to play, but still takes skills to master!
5. Solve puzzles by using and combining special boosters and power-ups
6. You can play while offline (no Internet connection required)
7. Our dedicated team is working hard to create fresh new content for you

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Decor Dream user reviews :

It is good experience in this game . I think this game is most interesting to others game because rest of the games have their level but their is no level in this game.

Nice but more improvement it’s good for kids but maybe in music and many more things but I love it it’s medium alright this is my rating of this game thank you so much

Starts off enjoyable but then I’ve lost count of the number of levels where I’ve succeeded on the last move, the pop up says “play on” but I get the ticks that I’ve achieved the goals. It moves me on to the next level but takes away the bonus power ups as if I failed . Glitch after glitch. Very frustrating game . Some levels can only be won by using bombs or watching videos for extra moves. Adverts are annoyingly repetitive.

  • I am very sorry that you have encountered such a situation. Please provide some information to the mailbox 23018987[at] to help us solve the problem. Thank you so much for your support and love!

this game teach me how to make a beautiful house and I just love this game it’s a game with my dream house

Easy fun and hardly no app to annoy you. I mean there are a few but not to bad

I love it it’s a nice game cool very very cool I love it and I have already played games like this like make another game like we only have to decorate it and no money we just have to use colours for nature like this so I love this game and actually I would love that games so much if you make that game that’s my dream game I want a dream game so this is that I want to describe so I hope you read it so thanks.

must try this. game this have. be fun enjoying and entertainment this is really really amazing app. must. try

The game is fun but thing is that TT he is a bit bad and expensive to buy some something like a wallpaper or some thing its annoying so plz low the prize I promise that I edit my review later when you put the update

I agree with Sara we need a game like this BUT, without the thing we’re you have to play to get the points. How about a game like this but, every room that you do you get points for the next room and you can customize your own character that will make me happy and choose what the outside looks like now that would be a game that I would play!

Good game for timepass and for those who love candy crush

It’s fun but very particular and I don’t know but it is how could I say it it’s fun very very fun and you ever made this is fantastic it’s amazing it’s wow whoever made this is how can I say this you’re very particular and all that but yeah I can’t say more than a if it was someone else I can’t say 500 words for them but for you I can it’s incredible anong all of you like you and the people who helped you made it you think everyone made it but I’m the biggest fan of your game how could I say it

This game is very good and fun to play but for me it doesn’t give you enough money. I would find difficult if you can’t get more money.

So much fun levels can be pretty challenging especially not enough moves but still love this game!

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