Defender II – Ultimate tower defense

[Game] Defender II

Defender II  Defender II, the ultimate tower defense is coming with many new features!

Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. They move fast, strike hard, and never give up. However, Defender is more powerful than ever before! What’s more, Lava moat, Magic Towers will fight together with Defender!

How to play?

Touch screen or using joypad to shoot arrows.
Drag and drop spell icon or using joypad to cast a spell.
Lava Moat: Burns enemies when they drop into lava moat.
Magic Tower: Provide MANA for spells. Also attacks enemies magically.
City Wall: Upgrade city wall to increase health point.
Mana: Mana is required to cast a spell.
Strength: Increase the damage of a arrow.
Agility: Increase shooting frequency.
Weapon: Select and equip proper bow to defend.
Power shot: Repel monsters.
Fatal Blow: Double damage with certain possibility.

Game mode
Local mode: Defeat waves of monsters.
Battle mode: Compete with opponent – The one stays LONGER is the WINNER!

Watch out, intruders will be stronger and stronger. New BOSSES will come out as stage goes. Be the hero, and win the HONORS!

Any suggestion/feedback is welcome!

Droidhen is the name behind Defender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City, Basketball Shot, DH Texas Poker, Gun of Glory and many other top popular games. Droidhen is also marked as top developer by google.

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Defender II user reviews :

This game is okay. I was really excited that could play online, but it’s extremely frustrating when it’s hard to win no matter how much i play offline and upgrade as much as i can. It really ruins my Win % when you guys match me with players with things upgraded way more than i have. They are ALWAYS ahead. It’s extremely frustrating.

Gets boring immediately no variations. Kudos and Congrats for making a satisfying quick game that works, no hitches beautifully aesthetically but it looks unfinished i.e. enemies lacklustre, no storyline or other embellishments or advancements.}~An old style shooter with such smoothness. Too slow to progress grinding want to uninstall. Too many Good Games want you to have fun not pay more. Upgrade the crossbow the rest are not scaling or helpful enough. The levels too repetitive to upgrade

Once again I stumbled upon this old classic game. There’s an update, so I tried this game once more & ended up laying all day long grinding like the first time I played It. 1st no more Ads. , 2nd the gameplay has become somewhat smoother, 3rd the battle mode is “finally” playable ! Back then, I gave up on playing battle mode, because the opponent is either WAY more advanced than you / a cheater ! Now the gap is closer between player & skill give more impact (& I can report cheat). 5 star

well this game is very fun, but i have a problem with battle mode. i dont like it when you get paired up with someone who has better bow as you. and how are the ranks for battling from? i think you guys should make the battle thing based off of level (not stage). thankyou for helping and creating a great time passing game. act to this asap.

The game is repetitive. But I like it. Really nice graphics. Pvp gets harder and harder every time I buy an upgrade. The arrow upgrades seem to be a bit meaningless. I bought a new phone huawei p30 lite and the game has suddenly become very laggy and slow dissapointing because one of my fav games even tho it is repetitive lol

fun game but how do you justify matchups where the opponent has twice the wall, twice the magic and a bow 2-3 levels higher, a moat, a magic ball????? I can see one or maybe even 2 of those higher if I have something higher due to different upgrade priorities but everything higher over and over?

The game is pretty entertaining, until you do a factory reset on your phone and realize that the money you invested in this game has been lost. I had purchased the ultimate cross bow, along with some coins and gems. All is lost. This game does not have a way to restore any of my purchases. And I doubt I’ll get a response from the developers.

I’ve been playing this game for years & I wish it was better bows or a hyper version of the Final Fantasy Bow. Because I have the 1 I paid $15 is maxed out & I’m on level 1600 & losing every max wasting so many crystals. It is entirely too hard to get crystals or gold. Need more help in the game to beat levels. Or double Final Fantasy Bows.

It’s good. Now that the game is ad free. I see more reason to play it. Very nostalgic Edit: Also games like these have a good reason to access your files and stuff. I forget what it is but, I have had this installed for years at a time, so you’re fine to play if you’re afraid.

Love the game so much but would like the lever to be numbered as 9 no matter the digit just to have the max level feel in it. What happened to the ranking system bring it back then you’ll get my 5 star.

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