Diamond City – Start in a small town and turn it into a big city

[Game] Diamond City

Diamond CityBecome the chief executive and develop your city.

Start in a small town and turn it into a big city. Develop the transportation system! Build new amenities and upgrade them. Open up areas for buildings. Let visitors to the city touch the future.

Draw up a development plan and optimize the flow of visitors – don’t let them get bored standing in line! Design marketing campaigns to attract new guests. More visitors – more income!

You like games that are calm and not too stressful? You’re sure to love Diamond City. Take big decisions and build the best futuristic dream city in the world!

Main points:
creating a futuristic city with unique amenities;
taking important development decisions;
an extensive list of interesting tasks;
stylized 3D graphics;
awesome animation for each level of buildings.

Diamond City user reviews :

More of a 3.5 star has alot of potential. The idle aspect doesn’t work only works for like 4 mins. The campaigns never run correctly. Probably an issue with programing . Fix the idle aspect. Unlocked all the maps within a week. Could be a little harder. It’s good but not dynamic

  • Hi! Contact us at email support[at]mysterytag.com and our team will check what’s happened. We will be glad to receive higher feedback from you !

I played this game for an offerwall reward in OSM (Online soccer manager). Game was quite fun to play actually and the challenge (Build cyber Arena) was definetely doable. I spent a couple of hours completing it. There are NO forced ads in the game but i do recommend watching ads to help you complete the challenge quicker.

  • Hello! Dear player, thank you for your review! We are glad you like our app !

Fun game to play. But now the bugs are showing. Game starts to freeze and have to completely close it and restart. Then it will freeze again after a few seconds of reopening it. Please look into it

  • Hello. Please, contact us at email support[at]mysterytag.com and we will be glad to help you ! Hope you will be able to increase the rate of the app !

Another game that throws random ads at you for no reason, uninstalled it now. Update: no idea what the reply back from the developer means but your ads show up every few minutes even if you don’t click on anything which means that the game is unplayable – didn’t anyone test your game?

  • Hi ! thank you for your feedback. We passed your request to the technical department to analyze the problem with the ads to fix it !

Has to be the most ad ridden game ever made, auto starts an ad every minute or 2 for no reason. After that the game is lazily put together and little fun to play. Not sure how they messed up a idle tycoon style game this much but you did so that’s something you can be proud of atleast

  • Hello! Our game was created as free-to-play and being partnered with an advertising company allows our team to continue our work on the app! We will analyze the amount of ads and reduce the frequency of their appearing in the game!

This is a great time killer. I like idle games cause you can still interact but also make progress while you are sleeping, working etc. Be warned it is very addictive!!

  • You are welcome! Thank you for your feedback about the game !

Coming into the game on one of the notifications completely wiped the in-game currency built up in it, and the idle part of the game only runs for 5 minutes instead of the two hours it’s supposed to.

  • Hello. Dear player, you tapped and spend your coins for developing your city and buildings. Thnak you for oyur review ! We will be glad to know your opinion about what shall be improved !

Your offline game play is not an accurate rate and does not even add to the pot. Makes it difficult to level up unless we leave the game open on our phones. Not very idle. Please fix.

  • Hello. You can develop your city when you are in game. When you are out of the game, the time is not counted. We will convey your opinion to the dev team to fix this situation.

It’s pretty cool to see just how far u can go and do your best to stay ahead but is really challenging I like games like this. It keeps your mind focused.!

  • Keep going ! Enjoy the game and have a great day !

I love this game! It’s really addictive and fun for no reason, you really get addicted after a while and never stop playing, it deserves 5 stars.!

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