One State RP – Immerse yourself in this life simulator

[Game] One State RP – Life Simulator

One State RPOneState is the world’s first RolePlay game with an open world and 500+ people online in one map! Choose your own path in OneState!

There can be more than 500 people in the map! It’s a whole new gaming experience when the whole city is populated by real players! Immerse yourself in this life simulator with endless gaming possibilities.

RolePlay mode:
Choose who you want to be: a policeman, a military man, a businessman or a worker. A lot of exciting quests are waiting for you. Meet new friends and future enemies, talk to them in voice chat.

Huge Open Map:
A detailed game world with many unique locations. Los Angeles is waiting for you right in the game! Explore the open world with friends and other players online in real time.

There are only real players with unique gameplay in the factions! Play together with your friends.
Choose the role of a policeman and enforce the law!

A lot of opportunities:
Earn money, bargain with other players, build a business, buy real estate, boost your reputation – there is a huge number of opportunities in OneState RP. This role-playing game will allow you to do whatever you want – no restrictions at all.

Cars for every taste. Buy and tune them however you like, and then drive around with your gang!

Follow the updates of the OneState life simulator, because we are constantly improving our RolePlay game! Thank you so much for your feedback, it will help us make this online game even better!

One State RP user reviews :

It’s a good game with amazing graphics there’s just a little tiny bug and 2 suggestion the bugs are when I drive if I turn left it will turn to much like when I turn right, and the suggestions are I think there should be a pilot job where you can fly an plane with people on it and the second suggestion is I think there should be an 1st person mode so it can be more realistic and easier to control but everything else is good to me

Hi, I really like your game, but someday the game needs a huge update like, Adding many more cars,planes, boats, and the map more bigger. More guns. More Franctions like, Licensers, so people’s can get their driving license to drive cars, drugs, crash physics, and many more, thanks

  • Good day. Thank you for you review. Our development team is constantly working on the game, and we are also constantly working on new content for the game, which is added regularly. We sincerely hope that you will change your opinion of the game in the future.

Im updating my review from 3 stars. The game seems better optimized now, and they’ve added the police faction along with some general improvements. I’ve had a good time with it so far, racing other people and running away from the police. The game was slow for the first couple levels but it’s picked up. Also there weren’t guns when I first started but they’ve added some now, so that’s ok. Although I don’t carry one I’ve seen some sweet shootouts. If you’re a fan of GTA you might like this game.

  • Hello John! Thank you for the review and sorry for the problems. We will do our best to optimaze the game and makeit more stable. Also we will soon add factions, real estate and many other content to the game. Stay tuned!

The game plays really well apart from some of the glitches most of the glitches can be sorted out in settings the game has really good graphics the way the platform is set out is good good time wasting games go up the ranks and get different jobs needs more in the game like different weather types and the steering of the vehicles as is very difficult at first can not wait to see what you put in next update

  • Thank you. We are pleased to know that you liked our game.

This game has a lot of potential. Not much content yet since it’s still new. The only problem I’ve had so far was the tutorial. I had to figure out how to get my vehicle out and what I can do in the game. I think the development tree needs to be heavily focused in the tutorial. Also, the city feels empty with no NPCs around. Nonetheless, I’m hoping this game will grow big and fast.

  • Hello! We have passed your feedback to the development team so they could consider it when working on the game.

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