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Solar Smash 2DSolar Smash 2D is a spin off from the original Solar Smash by the same developers, this game was designed to allow for different technology to be utilised and allow for unique destruction mechanics.

It features the ability to break planets into pieces and each planet will float and move with its own physics, players can control or spawn in spaceships and create huge space battles, or you can draw in your own planet with any design you want.

Solar Smash 2D user reviews :

This game is awesome! The space battles are fun, the destroying is neat and is overall, an awesome game. I have just 2 problems; 1. My resource has reset to zero, and I had over 15,000. 2. I can no longer OBTAIN recource, my daily rewards, the 1000 per video, mining the planets, or destroying cargo ships, nothing will work. It’s just stuck at zero and I can’t buy anything. So if you guys know how to fix that, could you please tell me!

I love the game, amazing potential, but there are quite a few things I want to point out. First of all, I like the idea of the point 5 thing if you destroy or help a ship, but I feel like you need to destroy a lot more ships than you would have too. I dislike the Union and the Syndicate and i love it when we are enemies. But I think would be a lot easier is if you could just select what nations you wanted to be at war, neutrality, and etc. with. Also plz more weapons, and maybe trade also!

It’s a really, really fun idea. Game has improved a lot since I last played it. It’s definitely a unique idea for a sandbox, but kind of lacks some sandbox elements. I would love some kind of campaign, or story mode where you can’t possess other ships or use powers. My only big problem with the game is it gets boring pretty quick, there isn’t enough to it to make me want to keep playing for hours and hours.

I love this game, there are so many different things to do, I personally like having space battles in the game, but when you control a capital ship, is it possible you can control a cannon by tapping on a fighter and then pressing the fire button? It would be cool to control one of the big cannons on a capital ship, other than that, great game. Thank you for your time.

I genuinely think this game has a LOT of potential, with some changes I know it can do better than solar smash. Here’s 1 change i think they should add: 1. Add alliances, now I know some AI factions have alliances from the start, but I think if they add a feature in which if you help a faction enough, you can become allies with them, and also remove the feature which resets your relation with other factions after you change planets or reset the scene so that it’s more fun to play.

You Should add a battleship for the player to purchase in-game that all the smaller ships flock around and follow. also, the player’s array of ships is limited to fighters and Corvettes while there are fighters, Corvettes, and I think the others are cargo ships, fleet leaders, and honestly I don’t know how many other ranks there are in total but it would be cool to have them in my fleet Ooh, Add The option to add a portal to the costom system that connects to a peaceful system.

Awesome game, has lots of potential, the only problem is that I had so many minerals that my counter has been set to zero with absolutely NO way to get any minerals, I don’t know if other players are witnessing it too, but please let me know when you fix it.

Being able to spawn battleships definitely improves the sandbox and potential space battles! (Not to dimension the planet destruction from the meer scale of the battles!) The latest updates have improved the game tenfold.

amazing game! but tbh, ive faced many problems with the mineral system, and i have an idea for it, can yall make a compaign mode and a creative mode, the compaign mode is optional, it has the collecting diamonds system, but the creative mode is a non-minerals mode it makes the game easier when it comes to buying mothe rships. I understand that the mineral system is made just to keep the player active as much as possible, but it would be more interesting to make new ships, new systems, and etc.

Very good game, but only the NPCs have Battleships. I want players to have them too, instead of controlling them. Like, you could add a super powerful ship called Ark or one called Hammerhead. They would be able to equip 2-3 weapons at a time, and they would have a special ability, like Hammerhead having a Rocket Ram ability or Ark having a Gauss Rifle ability. Also, I wish we could take control of the Planet Destroyer and the Sentry from A.R.. And the Battleships cost at least 5K to be balanced

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