Dino Bash – Are you ready for a time-traveling adventure

[Game] Dino Bash – Travel Through Time

Dino BashGet ready for an outrageously fun and wacky adventure back in time with Dino Bash! In this dinosaur game, you’ll lead an army of powerful, wise-cracking dinosaurs to defend your precious resources from pesky Neanderthals who are armed with nothing but clubs and bad attitudes.

Are you ready for a time-traveling adventure that takes you and your trusty team of dinosaurs on a journey through the ages? In Dino Bash, you’ll be transported through a magical wormhole that lands you smack-dab in the middle of different time zones, where you’ll encounter all kinds of wild and wacky challenges.

With each level, you’ll unlock new dinosaurs, each with their own unique abilities and personalities (some of them are just plain weird). And let’s not forget the upgrades – pimp out your dinosaurs with the latest in prehistoric fashion, including stylish hats and battle armor.

But it’s not just about looking good in this dino game – strategy is key in Dino Bash. You’ll need to place your dinosaurs in just the right spots to fend off those Neanderthals and protect your stash. And when things get really hairy, call on your most powerful dinos to unleash some serious mayhem.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to stomp, chomp, and roar your way to victory in Dino Bash, the most outrageous dinosaur game of prehistoric proportions!


Dino Bash user reviews :

I definitely like this game more than the first one, with the addition of the hero, new dinos and shots, as well as more unique cavemen enemies. The energy system doesn’t bother me too much since I can just do other things while I wait. My main problem with the game is that earning more stars can be quite challenging since many levels have tight timers and require good play to succeed. I do like how no ads have shown up while I’ve played, and mircotransactions aren’t required to make progress.

Very good and fun game! The dinosaur designs are very cool looking! And I can get gems with out having to watch ads! But I have 1 problem, I think that the recharge or timer thing when you spawn a dinosaur and you have to wait for it end is a bit slow and I think it should be faster, like when I’m backed to a corner by cavemen and I try to spawn an raptor but the timer isn’t finished yet and I lose. It’s kind of frustrating. Hope you listened to this!!

I’ve done a handful of levels currently. Art style is fun. I like how we got a hero to make the gameplay more engaging and tactical. I REALLY hope the game has no premium dino’s and grindy gameplay like the first iteration did because that ruined the game for me. I don’t like how if you finish a level, dropped power-ups aren’t collected automatically. I’m fine with the energy system, but make re-played levels give more coins so it’s not a headache upgrading items. Nice I can play without WiFi.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We tried to make the game not so grindy this time and make everything more accessible. We hope you will enjoy the rest of the game!

I’m glad that a sequel was made. Introducing a dino hero, new dinos, spells while having some of the old ones but with diff look, time travel as the main theme of the game is genius. I mean yeah some levels are easier now because of a recent update BUT time for completing and getting 3 stars for some levels isn’t enough, upgrades for cory aren’t living up to expectations especially since they can be expensive” 12k for just 2 damage is just horrible” But overall the game is great

The game is great, definitely improved over the first one. But level 24-2 is unplayable. I destroyed the portal but nothing happened afterwards. Even waited for a whole 5 minute. Please patch this. Oh and giving choice of which dino to take would be good when replaying stages. Not sure why but the level fixed it self, I deliberately got 1 star to make sure all cave man are out of the portal then was able to complete it

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