Rush Arena – Make your army unstoppable

[Game] Rush Arena – PvP Tower Defense

Rush ArenaClash against enemy forces, defend your castle and come up with a victorious strategy! Rush Arena is here!

Rush Arena is a new Tower Defense game set in the world of famous Rush Royale! You’re back on the Isle of Rhandum… but it’s not the same! The TD mechanics are completely new – easy to learn, exciting to master!

Conquer the PvP arena! Enemy defenses are strong… But you will win these TD games! The battle goes over land and air!

Assemble a collection of units and use them to summon might warriors on the field! Merge and combine to make your army unstoppable and win at Tower Defense!

Complete quests to gain powerful bonuses and unlock new warriors for TD games!

Clash, merge, win! This brand new TD arena is yours!

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Rush Arena user reviews :

Slow slow slow and crashes constantly. Takes so long to load that match will have already started by the time I get there,, already in 3rd wave .. drives me nuts. Also if I watch a video, it’ll crash and I’ll lose the bonus also, I’ll have to sit through the loading process all over again. I do really enjoy the game, it’s fun so please fix these issues.

Great game and fun to play but its really demotivating going against someone who has clearly spent money on the game and just losing making it hard to gain progress without spending. Also when watching ads for extra rewards I have been getting minute long ads recently and I didn’t get that long of ads before. Lowering a star because of the amount of bots in this game get some real players

Not a bad game, a nice change from their other versions. Still pay-to-win, but ca enjoy without paying anything. Needs a better algorithm to stop players from being matched unfairly. Clearly someone with 1/4 extra strength than you, isn’t going to be a fair match

It is a good game but if you watch an ad, you can’t return to game. Because of not being able to click ad close button. “Rush Arena” text webelement hides the ad close button. Even if you watch ad till the end, you can’t see and click ad close button. It is a big bug.

It’s only fun when the game doesn’t force me to wait to join until after my opponent has already taken two thirds of my health. I don’t recommend ever playing the PvP unless you’re absolutely fine with losing due to the game’s terrible performance at matchmaking. Fix this for the love of God and Gaming, it’s not cool to autolose a game.

Decent game but the lag is ridiculous! Doesn’t let me in til wave 3 when I’ve basically already lost, puts you up against players with stats so much higher than you it’s impossible to win. Crashes alot.

I aways judge mobile games by their ability to be continuously played without hitting a timer wall. Be it a stamina bar, energy, turn based using time as the measurement of each turn. The longer you can play the better. I’d rather rage quit after a brutally close pvp match than having to quit playing and wait 4 hours for imaginary energy to replenish. Is this gluttony or sloth? Please advise!

Game was decently fun. Unfortunately after taking a few months break, none of the synergy between units are the same and so many mechanics have been changed that I have zero clue how to play anymore and even though I am league 1, I wait a very long time for matches which pair me with people who have only lvl 11 cards while I have a mix of 5 and 6. I think the strategy does more than the levels but it makes me feel they’re a much higher rank than I.

Interesting idea, but they can’t seem to balance it. They’re in their 8th season now and still launching sweeping complete game design changes that turn it into a new game. All changes so far have been slowly removing strategy in favor of randomness and adding new exclusively paid parts to the game that just put free and low paying players further and further behind.

The match making in PvP is designed to frustrate you. In events or pvp, you mostly get stonger opponents with legendaries. There’s no chance you can win, unless your opponent is incompetent. This prevents you from earning extra points and rewards in the events. For a game designed around pvp, unfair match making system will push people away.

Been playing for a week or so. It’s not bad, but I noticed that it was a bit unbalance when it comes to sudden death. I might have gotten a few hits on someone. They had no hits on me but because they were a slightly higher level their overall health was higher they still won. It should be based on %health not overall otherwise high levels will always have advantage over lower levels. It would also be nice to choose where mons are summoned on the field and be able to move them around.

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