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[Game] Idle Survivor – Tower Defense

Idle SurvivorIdle Survivor – Tower Defense is a game where you must defend your tower from waves of zombies in a dangerous world of the zombie apocalypse. Improve your idle survivor, use cards to acquire new abilities, unlock new locations, and more! Fight for your life against zombies, super-mutants, and bosses.

Game Features

Idle game with strategy and RPG elements
Addicting and simple tower defense gameplay
Spend coins, ammo and bottle caps to upgrade your survivor
Collect and activate a variety of cards that are very helpful in fending off waves of zombies

Upgrade your idle survivor and defend your tower!
As the game progresses, the zombies will become stronger and more resilient. To survive, you must continuously improve your survivor.

Unlock new upgrades
You cannot fight effectively with just basic upgrades. Unlock a variety of different upgrades to better defend your tower in idle game. There are three types of upgrades: survivor attack, tower defense and loot. Each type is important, so make sure to upgrade them all to last as long as possible.

Collect and use cards
As you play, you will receive keys to unlock various boxes. Inside, you will find cards with unique properties. These cards can significantly improve your idle survivor and tower and give you new abilities. Experiment with different combinations of cards to find your preferred playstyle in this tower defense offline game.

Discover new locations
In this apocalypse world, you will visit various locations overrun with zombies. Explore each location to search for survivors, as you have been alone for years. Are you the only survivor on this planet?

Defeat various zombies
In addition to regular zombies in idle game, you will encounter unique super-mutants and bosses. Be prepared to face them and try to survive.

If your survivor is defeated and the tower is destroyed, do not despair. The survivor has a special gene that allows for full healing, allowing you to gain experience after each loss, improve your character and repel waves of enemies again. This is one of the main features of this idle tower defense offline game.
Remember the importance of cards. They greatly improve the character and tower. The higher the level of the cards, the greater the bonus you will receive. Do not forget to activate the cards, as they will not provide bonuses if not activated, and you will not be able to effectively defend against waves of zombies. Do you have what it takes to survive in Idle Survivor – Tower Defense?

Idle Survivor user reviews :

It’s not a bad game. I have not seen any forced ads, but there are some bonuses after a run. I beat all 4 levels within a week, so it needs more levels and/or an endless mode. It could do with more upgrades as well. Until this happens, I advise you not to buy the speed upgrade with real money as you will beat it too fast.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We will add a new chapter in the coming updates. Also thanks for the idea with an endless level, we will think about this idea.

The game has a great potential – but some ads ruin the chances of getting rewards – please block and remove those ads – “” like 6th street ad etc “” – already lost a lot of time/chances to get a Revive/extra rewards etc due to these adds – Otherwise I the game would have gotten more stars. Also, add system to protect our progress from been lost because of those adds – But all in all – this game could be one of the greatest idle towers

Decently fun game, but you quickly hit diminishing returns on upgrades.. The prices go up very fast, but you still only get a tiny fraction of range, extra damage, caps, etc. It feels pretty unfilfilling, having very slow progress. Bought an epic chest with bullets, and just got a B and C card.. also felt really unfilfilling as I could’ve gotten that from 2 silver chests. C should be 0% from the Epic chest.

  • Thanks for your feedback! In the near future we will fix the balance of the game, we hope this will improve the experience of the game

Slow at start but with a bit of grinding game is fun and keeps you working

  • Thanks for your feedback! Enjoy the game!

The game is good, but the reward ads do not work, and the game is also somewhat heavy on my phone. Finally, please add the Arabic language. After this, it deserves five stars.

This is a fantastic idle game! It’s extremely well balanced and fun, if you like abilities, upgrade and idle games you’ve to try this one

  • Thank you for your comment filled with emotions! We are glad that you liked the game very much!

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