Dinosaur Guard – Choose your favorite car and hit the road

[Game] Dinosaur Guard

Dinosaur GuardAttention! The base gate has been broken, the dinosaur is running away! Come and drive the off-road vehicle to capture them!

How intense and exciting is the adventure in Jurassic world! When the car is felling off cliff on the volcanic island, pterosaur appears! Please hold on to the steering wheel and follow it over magma river! Driving in the jungle may be followed by mud into a thorn cave! Almost capture the dinosaur? Be careful!These predators would put you in crisis!

Finally, you reach the destination and ready to arrest. The dinosaur will come and turn your car upside down at any moment! So take aim at the dinosaur, shoot slime or stun it with smoke bombs. You can choose among fist car, slime car, tranquilliser car, smoke bomb car and drumstick car to capture the dinosaur!

This world is amazing and imaginative .Along the route, king flowers swallow the car, giant mushrooms flash blue light, gluttonous tyrannosaurus wants to eat dragon eggs……

The alarm sounds, the dinosaur is out, choose your favorite car and hit the road!


Driving 10 original functional of off-road vehicles
4 Jurassic island scenes with different climates
Immersive interactions with the dinosaurs in the scene
Multiple roadblocks and route designs
You can operate without the Internet.
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Dinosaur Guard user reviews :

Only four stages for this game and the cost is £3.99 which is too expensive. I felt this game is more like a unfished game. The other game produced by this firm is much better. Just added my review – the question is not about what is offered free. The problem is I didn’t realise that there are only four stages for this game which is very short, and I don’t think this game is finished. If we compared this game with math game one , math game one is much better and more expensive.

  • Your feedback is always our power to make Yateland better! Our team will consider it carefully and make improvements in the future. Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas.

I Love this game so much its very entertaining But on thing is you only have one map to play on you have to pay for the other ones :/ but I love the game and the other ones you made I love to play these dinosaur games so I hope you keep up the good work

  • Thank you for sharing the review! It’s fantastic to hear that you enjoy using the app. We will work hard to design more fun products for children! Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com and send suggestions to help us improve!

One island pop ups to buy everything. Kid will cry about this game more than its worth

  • We feel sorry that our games usually include free game content and in-app purchases. This game now offers 4 off-road vehicles and 1 location for free. Try to search for Yateland to find more quality kids apps! Experiencing free content is fun too! Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you have any other feedback!

You only get one island and you have to pay 4$ to get the other islands would not reccomend unless you are willing to pay for the islands

  • In Dinosaur Guard, you can pay $2.99 for 6 off-road vehicles and 3 locations except the originally free 4 off-road vehicles and 1 location. It contains immersive interactions and multiple roadblocks & route designs which can effectively stimulate kids’ color recognition and spatial thinking ability. Looking forward to your new feedbacks!

This is my fave ret game but can you make all the things free please that would make the game a lot more funer and better than it already is.thank you for making this game.

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing. Thank you for choosing Yateland! We feel sorry that you can temporarily experience the free game levels and we believe more free content will be launched in the future. You can also search for Yateland to find more quality apps designed for kids. Experiencing free content is fun too!

Fun to play but will only allow one level to open. You have to buy the rest.

  • Thanks for your love. You can search for Yateland and there are more products we designed for our children! Experiencing the free part is fun too!

it’s a fun game chasing dinosaurs. beautiful design and affordable. we really enjoy yateland apps

  • Thank you so much for your love and support! We will continue to design more products for children! Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you have any other feedback!

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