Dinosaur Plane – 36 famous places for you to explore

[Game] Dinosaur Plane

Dinosaur Plane Jump into a plane to navigate around the world and visit friends in famous places!

You will enjoy gorgeous scenery and sound effects that immerse you and make you feel as if you are really traveling around the globe.

Locations on your journey include continental Europe, where you will fly past the Louvre Museum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Parthenon Temple. You will also see iconic spots where you can discover ancient culture, such as the Great Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt! Even if spots are located far apart, your time in the air will fly by as you enjoy your journey. There are 36 famous places for you to explore!

Each route features fun and engaging experiences! If you fly close enough to the ocean, fish will jump up at your plane. As you sail among the clouds, birds will fly along with you. And if you fly even higher, you can venture into space where you will see dinosaur astronauts floating by your plane!

What your journey looks like is up to you! You can fly wherever you want to, and fly for however long you would like. Don’t forget to look out for badges on your journey. When you finish your trip, you can take photos with all of your dinosaur friends to remember your trip!

Pick out a plane, jump in, and begin exploring now!


Navigate 14 unique and well-designed planes, including the eggplant-shaped plane, paper airplane, fishbone plane and more
Explore 36 famous spots around the world and enjoy beautiful views
Fly in the free-flight mode with no rules and routes to follow
Immerse yourself in beautiful scenery and sound effects
Suitable for preschool children up to five years old
No third-party advertising

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Dinosaur Plane user reviews :

Excellent game. My two year old loves to play it. Also, it comes with less advertisement, which is convenient for a toddler player.

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing! Yateland apps and services are developed in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). To better erect a kid-friendly game environment, there are no third-party ads in all Yateland games. Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas!

Is there a way to buy all the dinosaur cames complete? My son loves them but you have to buy each one.

  • Thank you for your love and support! We feel sorry that there are currently no purchasing packages to have all or certain Yateland products. Each product of Yateland is paid separately. Your feedback is always our power to make Yateland better! Our team will consider the suggestions carefully and make improvements in the future. -cs[at]yateland.com

Simple controls, great for young kids

  • We believe that games are the best learning. Children can use creativity and imagination in games. Thank you for choosing Yateland! You can also search for Yateland and there will be more products designed for children! Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you have any questions or suggestions!

There’s only 6 places not 36

  • We feel sorry that this game could not meet your requirements. Kids can pilot up in the sky happily and keep in mind 36 places of interest around the globe. Collecting badges and taking photos with dinosaur friends also highlights this fantastic journey. Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas with us.

I Give this Game 4.1 Stars. Dinosaur Plane – Plane piloting game for kids Game Pros: Cute Refreshing Good Game Smoothness For Kids It’s better than similar games.. Thanks to Yateland – Learning Games For Kids My Youtube Channel bettypvp

I think this is the best game for kids. Thank you to Yateland.

  • Children’s love is always our power to create things better! :) We hope Yateland products could bring children more knowledge and happiness! Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas with us.

Family fun for everyone

  • We are so glad to hear that you enjoy the app! It is designed for toddlers. Kids can approach airport life and become a pilot, so as to cultivate their creativity and imagination. Thanks for your understanding. Try to search for Yateland to find more quality apps! Please email cs[at]yateland.com to share more ideas!

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