Dinosaur Helicopter – Rescue trapped dinosaur friends around the world

[Game] Dinosaur Helicopter

Dinosaur Helicopter Climb into a helicopter to embark on your mission to rescue trapped dinosaur friends around the world! As a rescue pilot, you will be assigned to the accident site and launch a search and rescue operation for your friends.

With 12 exciting helicopters to choose from, you can pilot everything from a UFO to a military helicopter to a two-propeller helicopter! On your journey you will encounter obstacles like monsters and thunderclouds, but your helicopters are equipped with bombs, so you can eliminate the obstacles and continue your rescue operation with no problem!

Each scenario will present challenges to you, and you’ll need to navigate surprises and unexpected accidents. You’ll come across natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well as flooded cities and damaged railways. Whether the rescue is taking place on top of a roof or in a dangerous location, your helicopters include tools like ladders and claws to help you reach your dinosaur friends! Always be on the lookout for new dangers!

You can explore wherever you like. Enjoy the passing scenery as you navigate to help other dinosaurs, as the rescue areas vary from tropical islands to urban locations!

Your dinosaur friends are stranded right now, and they are waiting for your help! Pick a helicopter and jump in to begin your exciting search and rescue adventure!


Take control of 12 unique and fun helicopters
Embark on 6 challenging natural disaster and rescue missions
Explore interesting areas varying from urban locations to tropical islands
Experience gorgeous sunrises in free flight mode
Suitable for preschool children up to five years old
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About Yateland:
Yateland develops apps for kids and families to enjoy. Our games inspire preschoolers across the globe to create, imagine, and adventure! As we make games for your children to enjoy, we are guided by our vision: “Children love. Parents trust.”

Dinosaur Helicopter user reviews :

great learning and coordination app for toddlers. Not bothered by ads, prizes or upgrades. Thanks Yateland

Kid loves it, prices are fair, easy to use. 100% would recommend to anyone with a toddler.

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing. Thank you for choosing and recognizing Yateland! We hope that the Yateland series can create more fun for children! Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime at cs[at]yateland.com.

Game is okay its just that, it is so limited. Add more helicopter and stage..

  • Thank you for choosing Yateland! We sincerely appreciate your precious opinions on our games and we will seriously consider and make plans. Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you have any other feedback!

I love This game but how come You can’t unlock other Helicopters By going to a unlocked Location and Not unlock any other Helicopter?

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. This game now offers 3 helicopters and 2 locations for free and we believe more free content would be released in the future. Kids can act as helicopter pilots and save baby dinosaurs in different situations, so as to cultivate their observation, patience, and kindness. Please email cs[at]yateland.com to share more ideas!

My 2 year old lives this need more back grounds and dinosaurs paid for the full version he is helicopter daft

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing. Thank you for choosing and recognizing Yateland! Your feedback is always our power to make better! Our team will seriously consider and make further improving plans. Please feel free to email cs@yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas. Looking forward to hearing from you!

My sons is so entertained especially after I purchase the entire game!

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing. Thank you for choosing Yateland! We believe that games are the best learning. Children can use creativity and imagination in games. You can also search for Yateland and there are more educational products designed for children! Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas!

Hi.very good game for kids.but how get free game and more helicopter? How to get the full version?

  • We feel sorry that our games usually offer free experience and in-app purchases. If you are satisfied with the free experience, you can pay for the one-time purchase package to unlock more content. Try to search for Yateland to find more quality apps! Experiencing free content is fun too! -cs[at]yateland.com

Good for little children

  • This app is recommended for toddlers. Act as helicopter pilots and save the baby dinosaurs according to different disaster scenes and requirements. Therefore, their carefulness, patience, cognition, and observation will be cultivated. The simple operation is designed for kids to grasp more easily. We hope you can understand.

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