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Chord aiChord ai uses recent advances in artificial intelligence (ai) to give you the chords of any song automatically and reliably. You won’t need to look for the chords of a song on the web anymore!

Chord ai listens to the music played from your device, from any video/audio streaming service or played live around you, and detects the chords instantly. Then it shows you the finger positions to play the song on your Guitar, Piano or Ukulele.

It is a great tool for a novice to learn his favorite song and for an experienced musician to transcribe the details of a song when rare chords are played.

Chord ai includes:
Chord recognition (more precise than all other apps)
Beats and tempo detection (BPM)
Tonality detection
Lyrics recognition and alignment (karaoke-like alignment)

Chord ai has a FREE version, enabling the recognition of basic chords:
major and minor
augmented, diminished
7th, M7th
suspended (sus2, sus4)

In the PRO version, you can store playlists, and backup on your drive, and the chord recognition has more precision. It provides an optimal finger position and recognizes thousands of advanced chords such as:
power chords
half-diminished, dim7, M7b5, M7#5
6th, 69th, 9th, M9th, 11th, M11th, 13th, M13th
add9, add11, add#11, addb13, add13
7#5, 7b5, 7#9, 7b9, 69, 11b5, 13b9,
and combinations of the above! (such as 9sus4, min7add13 etc.)
chord inversions such as C/E are also included

Chord ai also comes with a massive library of chord positions for guitar and ukulele players. It is the ultimate guitar learning tool. Guitar tabs are not yet supported but it will come eventually.

Chord ai even works offline and it is full privacy preserving. You don’t need an internet connection (unless you want to play a song from some video or audio streaming services).

How does Chord ai work? Chord ai can track the chords of a song in three ways:
1) Through your device microphone. Any song playing around you, or played by your device, is analyzed through your device microphone and the chord positions are shown in real time. You can go back in time and replay the song with the chords displayed on a timeline.

2) For audio files that you have on your device, Chord ai will process the file in a few seconds chordifying this whole song at once.

3) Chord ai is compatible with the common audio and video streaming services.

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Chord ai user reviews :

It is an useful app as a beginner in music. I think the premium version would be much more useful. I started composing songs and I usually do it with the help of my piano. With the piano doesn’t really help me but it is really useful for guitar. I use it when I try to identify chords enevery time I will probably purchase the premium version

The app is great. I love the easy functionality it has when finding the key or chords of a song. Only downfall is how they say they give you a “Try One-Week for free” when I reality, you have to pay $7.99 immediately to use the “Advance” features. Even without having PRO, the app is great to use, but it depends on who you ask. I hope they fix this issue of the free week because it would help new users explore the app more and have a chance of them to continue to use it afterward.

I’ve tried to use this app on a range songs from different genres and of different audio qualities, and the result is the following: – The app recognizes the main/obvious chords in a song somewhat consistently. – It very rarely identifies complex chords (that is, anything that isn’t a triad), or chords with a short duration, which is what we need the app for in the first place. I want this app to help me identify some of the less obvious chords in a song, but it simply isn’t up to the task.

  • Thank you for the feedback. For rare and complex chords, you have to activate “precise” chords to include 6th, 9th, 11th, inversions etc.. Chord ai used in this way is known to be more accurate than other apps. You can get additional details with the Voicings feature showing the best matching finger positions.

I subscribed to the pro version. It’s been amazing. But one thing I felt you should include in the feature of this system is stem separations in the aspect of voice part. A musician should be able to know what each of the four or three parts are singing, that is soprano, alto and tenor and even the bass part if it’s traditional classical music. I felt we that pay for this app every month should enjoy this feature. We should be able to teach our choir parts in a song using this app.

Free version: Best app for beginners. Gives accurate chords for any song. And also there is capo option by which you can get rid of bar chords. It also shows some complex chords to which transitioning might be difficult but by practicing you can decide which chords are essential and play only those. While playing songs it would be better if this app could have in built metronome which plays in loop so practicing would be more precise.

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