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[Game] Dog Cafe Tycoon

Dog Cafe TycoonOur new Tycoon game! The main character of this title is our eternal friend… Dogs!

Dog staff: Dog staff manage a variety of drink ingredients! They’re kind, smart, lovely, and sometimes… playful!
Milk-loving friendly Labrador Retrievers – Bailey
Smart German Shepherd – Max
Playful Beagle – Willy
Brave Rottweiler – Diesel (You don’t have to worry about stealing from the cafe)
Get more than 30 unique dog employees!
(Tell us your favorite dog and name it! We are interested in your opinion.)

Making drinks (Cafe operation): aromatic cafe lattes, sweet caramel macchiatoes, colorful unicorn frappe!
Serve quality drinks to dog guests who visit your cafe!
The drink on the first day of the cafe is simple. It’s just coffee.
But the next day, I make caramel frappe latte!
Will the dog customers like the drink? The daily sales of the cafe tell the satisfaction of the dog customers!
Simulation to produce a variety of drinks day by day!

How do you manage a cafe with dogs?
Collect various Dog manager cards.
Make a variety of signature drinks daily.
Sell your drinks to customers!
Competent managers help you.
You can decorate the cafe with gold earned by selling drinks.

It is the most friendly dog cafe in the world.
You can enjoy this cafe offline.

Dog Cafe Tycoon user reviews :

The ads don’t bother me, the thing that I’m struggling with is it’s way too hard to get the station’s automated. Especially when you upgrade them you have then have enough cards to upgrade the dogs so that it can stay automated. Seems like I’m being punished for upgrading. Need to work on that balance, but I love the art and the ideas. But way bad balance issues. Feels like they want you to pay to play.

It’s fun, but it needs some improvement. Most “error” messages are still in an asian language, not translated, so I do not know what they mean. The difficulty curve also suddenly becomes very high so you’re just sitting there waiting a very long time to continue to the next level from level 6 or so on. Everything before that was a good pace. Also, way too many ads. Feels like it’s ads for doing ANYTHING.

  • Hello, Manager! Thank you for the information and idea. We fixed this problem, now. So you can play correctly through our latest version. Please check the version name ‘1.0.03’ and re-download it to update. I hope you play fun with doggies! We will try to improve the Dog Cafe. Thank you.

It’s cute, not glitchy, not laggy, however.. There is an air balloon that floats by and offers money in exchange for a video. That thing gets in my way so often it’s aggravating. Not to mention it’s really difficult to get sections to be automated because you don’t ever get the chance to get more managers or the money to upgrade them. So in my opinion it’s a well made game with a faulty system. It quickly becomes boring when you can’t afford anything.

  • Hello, Manager! We greatly appreciate your attention. We hope you had been a happy time with doggies, and we’ll try to make a better game through your precious advice. Please keep attention to our continuous updates. Thank you for the review.

The style and design is adorable and the ads don’t bother me too much, it’s what happens after the ads. The game freezes and stays that way for about 10 seconds and some times it stays that way and I have to exit the game and get back in. I rely on the rewards from ads but since the game doesn’t work afterwards I’ll skip the ads and the game

The game would be fine without a few things. Its monetization is absolutely horrid and does the #1 thing to piss me off. When turning in “quests” you can choose a bonus for watching an ad, or not; however, should you not you’ll still occasionally get saddled with an ad that will take at least 5-10 seconds away. Then youll also get hit with another each time you “prestige”. The actual economy itself is also built around either watching ads or microtransactions to progress. I cant fit the rest in.

  • Hello, Manager! Thank you for your mention. We’re always waiting for your precious opinion and reviews. So don’t be hesitate to send us if you have any problems/ideas. We will think about a better way to your convenience. Have a beautiful day!

Absolutely adorable, however I HIGHLY suggest you play I airplane mode, or have a good add blocker, the game forces you to either watch adds regularly, or spend $30 USD on VIP pass which supposedly gets rid of the adds, I’d be willing to spend money on a game, but not that much. if adds don’t bother you then maybe a random hot air balloon every few minutes blocking your ability to proceed briefly will? if none of that bothers you then I think you will like this game

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