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[Game] Farm A Boss

Farm A BossYour journey to the Farm A Boss has just begun, you are a farm owner who has so many dreams – have a bigger farm, discover more lands, upgrade your tools, and many more.

However, it is not easy to grow your farm into something big without a lot of effort.

What you can do when you are a farm boss:
Hire farmers to take care of your farm
Harvest and get more farm products: vegetables, eggs, milk,… and many more
Sell your products to earn
Upgrade your farm to increase productivity
Buy things for your farm to make it look more attractive or just to show off

Have an a-moo-sing journey with Farm A Boss! Install and play now to become the best farm boss.

Farm A Boss user reviews :

I am loving this game so far. Its easy, addictive, simple, and cute. I votes 4/5 bevause the only frustrating thing is the ads. Sometimes when I decline watching an ad for extra money, it goes to the ad anyways. One thing I’d change would make a map, where we can click to go from one part to the other when crossing the bridge. It takes a while to cross from farm area across the bridge to the other.

The game is good, but the problem are the Ads, there are lots, I know you have to gain money and it’s ok, but you send ads just because and some of those doesn’t have the close option after 5 or 10 sec, so you have to watch full, some of them can’t close even after that, so u have to close the app, there are ads for to up level, for coins and there are optional ads wich if you select no, doesn’t matter because they’ll send an ad, AND have a permanent ad on the lower part of the screen, to much..

It’s a fun game but unfortunately there’s a few glitches that make playing it annoying and unenjoyable.The most bothersome is a glitch with the trigger circles that you stand in to interact with and purchase things.Most of them activate when you’re far way away from them causing you to collect unwanted products, others don’t activate at all even whilst standing directly in them. You have to move in and out over and over again to trigger it. Makes the game really frustrating and unfun.Please fix!

it has been a fun, creative game but ruined by the constant interruption of ad requests. if u cancel the request (because u dont like the incentive), it still plays ads (cancellable after a few seconds). Also, building upgrades regularly require ads watching. The game progression gets boring when u reach the third island since it’s all the same. I would like to see a building that requires different crops to create new products soon. such as pancake building requiring eggs & flour

I like it, you go around picking stuff from one farm and selling them or giving them to produce other stuff. What i don’t like is that i get random pop ups to watch ads in exchange for in-game money or boosts and if I decline, i still get an ad. Other than that, pretty straightforward game!

Game gives you the option to say “no I don’t want to watch an ad” then plays an ad anyway. Fine, I can turn off WiFi to play but then the game starts erasing stuff I’ve done and taking levels away from my fields or even erasing entire fields as if I’ve never unlocked them and won’t let me get them back. Okay then.

The game is cute and very entertaining. I have some concerns, since your app some in-app purchases, I noticed that your app doesn’t have a cloud back up or a sign-in feature. I guess you should have something like that so we can optionally save our progress and purchased items and be able to retrieve those in case of deletion of the app. Good Job on the app

I like it but I’m tired of ad prompts popping up so often. If you dont pay to remove ads, saying “No, thank you” on the pop up for a reward will play an ad anyway and not give you the reward. If you pay the .99 cents for no ads, you get a cute animal following you and a buff, but you still have to watch ads to level up plots…. Annoying. Also the ad prompts still pop up just as often if you pay, just the “No, thank you” button will actually work now and you still miss out on the reward.

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