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Version 2.5 includes many requested features for the popular Download Manager for Android application.

New! If running Honeycomb or ICS, try out the beta version of Download Manager HD.

Note! If upgrading from a previous version, the download history view can show an error in some cases. Just ignore the error dialog, and clear the history from the menu.

Please also note that this application is intended to be used with downloadable web resources, and is not suited to view, capture or save streamed content (for example Youtube videos).

Key features:

– Download files in parallel parts and reusing connections to increase speed
– Start downloads from your browser or email using the link share intent, or by entering the URL manually
– Resume broken downloads, for example after connection drops
– Maintain download state even after app is destroyed
– Specify MD5 checksum to ensure file integrity
– Support for large file downloads (over 2 GB)
– Support for HTTP BASIC and DIGEST authentication
– Simple and clean user interface

General instructions:

– To start a new download, press the Menu button on the active downloads view (left on the navigation pane)
– Select Add
– Enter the Download URL
– Make sure the Download Folder is correct (default value can be set in the settings view)
– Optionally specify the MD5 Checksum, which will be compared once the download is complete
– Select Start! to start the download

Instructions for downloading from Browser:

– In the Browser, press and hold on the link to download
– Select Share link
– Select Download Manager
– Download Manager is opened and the download should start automatically

Instructions for downloading from Mediafire:

– In the file metadata page in Mediafire, press and hold the green Download button
– Select Share link
– Select Download Manager
– Download Manager is opened and the download should start automatically

Instructions for downloading files from Dropbox:

– In your dropbox app, press and hold on the file that you want to download
– Select Share…
– Select Share a link
– Select Download Manager
– Download Manager is opened and the download should start automatically


– Home key: will leave the app and any downloads running in the background
– Back key: if pressed from the history or settings view, the current view will be switched to the active downloads view
– Back key: if pressed from the active downloads view, all download states will be saved and app destroyed (downloads in progress will be paused)

Planned Updates:

– Auto-resume support
– Possibility to delete downloaded files
– Possibility to schedule downloads
– Possibility to specify download mode (WiFi, 3G, etc.)
– Bring up dialog in case of filename collisions (overwrite, rename, append, etc.)
– Localization

Feedback/Known Issues:

– Please inform URLs that don’t work to the developer to improve the application
– In some cases the filename is returned encoded from the server in the content-disposition header, which results in an error (this is under investigation)


– Icons: hxxp://

Download Manager user reviews:

Works well does what I need. Please add an option to turn off the beep when download completes, it’s too loud when downloading at night.

Plz make this app to download youtube videos otherwise i dont know any use of this app

Good to download anything from internet the storage of downloaded item also depend on the user.

It does exactly what i want-downloaded some big files real fast..

Works perfectly alright..i only get failed downloads in stock download manager but this one is a real gem..try it to believe it.

Download Download Manager:


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