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Dragon AriseLooking for a hot new mobile game to play? Look no further than Dragon Arise!

This brand new fantasy-style dragon-collecting RPG game, developed by Ocean Games, features many classic RPG elements that are sure to delight fans of the genre.

As the “Savior” of the world, it’s up to you to lead your fellow Dragons on a series of adventures to stop the invasion of the Cursed Dragons. From contesting for Dragon Souls in the Dragon Lairs to challenging the Tower of Infinity, collecting all kinds of Dragoneggs, and developing your own island, there are many exciting features to explore in Dragon Arise. And with thrilling arena PvP battles, the excitement never ends!
Are you ready to answer the call of the White Oak and be summoned to the Dragon Islands? Come and save this collapsing world with Blue – the Little Sea King!


Excellent Dragoneggs, Easy to Obtain
In Dragon Arise, you can obtain tons of free Dragoneggs just by playing the game. Hatch them to get powerful Dragons, each with its own unique appearance and abilities. Which Dragon will be your favorite?

Fierce PvP Battles, One Tap to Fight
Experience the most thrilling combat experience with the clashes of Dragons in Dragon Arise! With 10 Dragons, 5 for each team, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as they duke it out in the most exciting and gorgeous battle scenes.

Challenge Your Limit, Race to the Summit
For competitive players, the “Apex Arena” is the place to be. Use your wisdom and strategic thinking to arrange formations, defeat opponents, and become the strongest Savior in the game!

Various Imprints, Free Combinations
Dragon Arise’s Imprint system is deep and complex, with each Imprint possessing different attributes. Combine Imprints based on their types to activate Set Bonuses and give your Dragon unique boosts!

Upgrade Your Buildings, Enjoy Your Adventure
Upgrade the majestic Shrine and unlock unique buildings on your island. Use these buildings to generate various resources to help you grow and adventure in the game!

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Dragon Arise user reviews :

Definitely an amazing game. The only real issue I have with it is that there isn’t an auto clear function on longer activities. Not to be mistaken by auto battle. Of which there is one. There is however a sweep function in some activities though but not all. I feel going forward it may be a good idea to put a function in on longer modes to that allows you to skip the level of the mode entirely if you 3 stared said level. This way its easier to level some of the dragons.

  • Dear Savior, Thank you for your valuable feedback. We’ll report your problems to our development department as soon as possible. Your feedback is a great help in improving our product and service. If you have any others suggestions for the game, please feel free to contact us.

the graphic is good, but the game is so much stuttering and lagging. I think it’s not optimized for mid-end device. and so many bug and error display items too.

Need an update both campaigns and arena’s , also the most important blitz or quick battle for every campaign because we take a lot of players time for manual battle , upgrade the system for better AI system, hard to get Eggs, and other resources, the packs are not budget friendly. Spending 99 dollar and get cheap items. I have a lot to say but i think this is enough. Think fast developer, this game has a lot to changes.

Really love the UI, recommendations, guides on how where to find the source & use the right things. Just played around 2weeks+ i can say its really2 good and easy to level up when following each quest. Dragons are limited but worth it. I’ve finish the adventure, waiting for the next island to open anew. Maybe can adjust the energy more to fully play all gme mode. Thank you for the game. I enjoy playing it. Maybe can add some upcoming events & new dragons. It’d b interesting

I’m enjoying this very much. The information and statistics of the Dragon’s, Especially the Imprint system, is in-depth yet easy to learn. I Haven’t had any problems running this at all so far. It’s something a little fresh in it’s own genre I think. Well done!

  • Dear Savior, Thank you for your support, please enjoy the game

I love this game.. good mechanics.. no pay to win at all. Even the rare dragons can take you through till the end. One feedback to the developers.. please make it easier to fill the mana sprng with one click rather than clicking multiple times and also more events is helpful

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