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[Game] Rogue Egg – Hatch Hero

Rogue EggNews! Troublemaker Eggsy, a treasure hunter, has fallen into a wormhole. It wakes up… in another world… ?!

Devise your own strategy with numerous skill combinations to annihilate monsters from all sides and survive the onslaught of powerful bosses.
Raise various characters and attractive unique weapons to climb to the other world’s top spot.
Eggsy needs your excellent strategy to grow into the best treasure hunter in the universe by crossing time and space!

Game Introduction

Experience extreme combat by wiping out tons of monsters all at once with just one hand!

No more boring filler! Clear stages super-fast with thrilling quests!

Become a strategy genius to design victory with various skill & item combinations!

Don’t let your guard down just because they are cute! Observe the powerful and unique skill evolutions of these bouncy characters!
In a pinch? Send an SOS signal and break through the limits of survival with an airdrop chance!

#A network connection is required to play Rogue Egg : Hatch Hero.

#Rogue Egg : Hatch Hero is free to download and play, but some in-app currency and items can be purchased with real money.
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Rogue Egg user reviews :

Remember when games used to be fun? This game reminded me of those times. Too many games now are too much of a grind, laggy/glitchy, frustrating, too easy or too hard, boring, etc., etc. This game game has a great pace of leveling up, smooth game play and is just really fun to play. Great game here!!

Fun game, easy upgrade. Levels are short enough to keep interesting and hard at the same time. This game needs a infinite level that increases rewards as you get further. It also needs some multi-player aspect where you can play with others on real hard levels or against others.

  • Hello Eggsy. Thank you for your positive review. we are preparing a major update and will be updated soon. we will consider adding multi-player mode so please stay tuned for the next update. Thank you.

New survival and pretty much have high potential over the rest of the copy cats. Smart equip to auto downgrade previous and upgrade the current equipped is a very smart move. Charcs that are accessible without pay wall. Challanging and different stages mode instead of just kill everything. Short stage play for casual player, approx 5mins per stage. Keep up the good work.

Only on level 6, but if this games keep on the same track then it’s really good, it’s the first rogue like of it’s sort that I found enjoyable, this one is actually creative, nice twists and turns as you play, great character choices with massively different weapons and abilities, nice upgrade system, unfortunately I haven’t seen any social features, I was really hoping for social features, like clans and global chat, it’s needed to take this game to the next level.

A fantastic game, but quite hard to get higher tier of items. Anyway, a trick for players to pass the level is to get and evolve the eagle statue when you are stuck in boss fight and try to evade boss attacks and let eagles do their job. I got stage 98 after the last update with help from totems

After the big update the game become very unstable problems even when my connection is okay 2. Game just freeze at random time 3. Game become laggy when on home menu 4. Button feels unresponsive and not accurate mainly at shop Love the latest contents In my opinion old shop ux is better (more userfriendly) UI is good but i think UX hit the wrong spot I hope team can fix problems soon I agree this game have perfect game balance (lvl difficulty, equipments upgrade and progress)

It was a good game, i was eggciting at first until i see that hell. Why they put level 35 as a last level. The energy system is a little annoying because its limiting farming for coin. Last, im suggesting a dismantle system to break +1 item to normal

I really really like this game, but… …I started about one week after my boyfriend started playing it. We both play kinda regularly at the moment. We are both stuck at the same stage (lvl 38). There’s no progress at all anymore without paying. The grind is way too hard and the fun gets lost a lot now. I hope you can balance this differently in a next update. This is painful to play now. P.S.: If it’s fixed I will adjust my rating of course.

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