Dragon POW – Stand against the oncoming waves of monsters

[Game] Dragon POW

Dragon POWAn audacious demon aims to conquer the world, but your Dragon is ready to fight back!

Gifted with the ability to devour monsters and evolve continuously, your Dragon is the world’s last hope. Take control of your Dragon and stand against the oncoming waves of monsters!

Unleash Dragon Flames with Single-Handed Mastery. With endless firepower at your disposal, eliminate your enemies with a single tap!

Gain new powers from every devoured monster. Feast on monsters with Your adorable dragon!

Craft unique combinations of abilities. Strategically combine over 100 skills to maximize your fun!

Collect treasures to activate human forms. Wind, Ice, Fire, Electricity, and Poison—Dragons of different elements can use different finishers when they’ve evolved!

Venture into various maps teeming with crazy monsters. Navigate through cartoonish stages teeming with deceptively cute monsters.

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Dragon POW user reviews :

Good graphics, good gameplay, good story. The only mistake is the ads, almost every game suffers on this fatal flaw and this one is no exception. Once you watch an ad, it will freeze the game. The ad won’t play and you can’t go back. You are forced to close the game and start again. I think ads in games should be avoided completely as it wastes a game’s potential. I am very much invested in this game coz I love the Dragon theme, but then the ads ruined it all. Better luck next time I guess.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while playing our game. Our team is committed to enhancing your gaming experience to the best of our ability. We appreciate your understanding and support. Thank you!

It’s a well made, very stylized game. My biggest issue is the length of some of the levels. 20 waves of enemies that all take 200-300 plus shots to take down, each? That’s ludicrous, especially for a silly mobile/idle game. I get the idea is to “idle” to grow your character but even that’s a slow and tedious process. You either wait twenty years to get to the next level or you play the next level for twenty years hoping you don’t die and have to restart. Don’t waste your time.

  • We are sorry to hear that you feel this way about the game experience, we are making great efforts to keep the game as balanced and enjoyable as it could be.We truly appreciate your feedback and we took the liberty of forwarding your message to our developers for further consideration. Thank you so much for your understanding

This game is like is Kirby’s Dream Land and How to Train Your Dragon got together and made a bullet hell shooter. The graphics are charming, the gameplay is solid and intuitive. My only issues is that there are so many menus, I feel like everytime I log in, everything has an alert marker on it. Also, there are so many in-game currencies, I’m never sure what to do with them. TL,DR: excellent gameplay, confusing UI. 4/5

  • Dear player,we are thrilled to hear that you love our game! Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us and will be shared with our team. It serves as our motivation to constantly improve and make the game even better. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

A lot of contents to enjoy. Difficulty curve is very balance, no pay wall after playing for a few days. F2P can also do better than spenders if you’re good at micromanagement. There were a few tricks here and there to always pick up in the game to get better at it, so it keeps the game fun and enjoyable. Only downside so far is the cost of packages in the game. There were too many, and if you buy all of those monthly items, the added sum can be astronomical.

  • We are very glad that you would love it,dear player~ We will also send your valuable feedback to the team cause your feedback is our motivation to make the game better. Really thank you for your love and support.  Happy gaming

Honestly a great game I have been seeing it on the front page for quite a while now and it deserves it.I only have a few annoying including that it can be a little repetitive for some younger players and that the legacy icon keeps on having a red ! even when I have nothing to upgrade but overall it has good art and good animation.

  • Dear player, our team is fully dedicated to improving our game and ensuring that you have an enhanced gaming experience in the future. We highly value your feedback. If you encounter any problems in the game, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to solve the problems for you at any time

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