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[Game] Hyperdimension Fight

Hyperdimension FightPopular anime characters gather for a chaotic battle!

this brand-new gaming world and fight with your favorite IP characters!

Relaxing Auto-Fight – Easy and Fun!
The battles are fully automatic, no manual operation is needed! You can gain AFK rewards when you are offline, with no burden of cultivation!

Multiple PVE Gameplays – Explore It Now!
There are plenty of fun gameplays for you in our game! Join now and try out multiple gameplay modes! Dice to move forward in the Island Adventure, find out the true path in the Looking-glass World, investigate fun cases in the Detective Agency, and win huge rewards…… We have everything you desire!

Guild Gathering – Join Your Friends!
Find more like-minded friends in the Guild to play with! The guild offers various modes, including the Guild Boss Battle, Guild Tech, and the Resource Contest, where you can compete for treasure!

PVP Battles – Enjoy the Thrill of Competition!
Experience PVP battles in various competitive modes, such as the Tournament and the Global Battle! Enhance your favorite heroes and showdown in thrilling battles!

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Hyperdimension Fight user reviews :

Pros: •Extremely fun game, with several different franchises to enjoy •Resonating system respects the player’s time, allowing you to enjoy your vast roast of favourite characters without the need to spend a gigantic amount of gaming hours gatterimg useless EXP Cons: •The game behaves exactly like the abusive partner in a toxic relationship, making you work your @$s off for some very small rewards(that are also available for an extremely expensive price, of course)

Game wasn’t responding when I unlocked some power against 5 Naruto. When resetting its just arale against said Naruto and when it wants me to back out after a loss the go back button isint there to press so im just stuck there? Can’t do anything because it’s trying to shoehorn you in the stupid tutorial. Now they’ve banned me after I requested a refund. Didn’t fix my issue. Fun.

I cannot even play the game, every time I open it, it gives me an alert dialog with the next error: “Read Upgrade Config File Fail, Please Check NetWork!”, I cannot imagine why would this be a problem since I can open other games and even stream HD videos for this to tell me to check my network. Please take a look at that error, I am using a Pixel 8 with aOS 14. Thanks.

I love this style of team building game and love several different anime so this game is right up my alley. Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s unlicensed but I would love to see crunchyroll sponsor a game literally exactly like this. So please don’t shut this game down without replacing it with something it’s equal.

Been playing for almost 2 months. They make it so you have to buy the lifetime card so you can get SSR characters every 100 summons (comes with a few diamonds everyday aswell) it’s nearly impossible to get UR characters without becoming VIP8 which is like $200. Gotta be on 2-3 times a day and grind everything that’s going on for daily mission and to level up characters. I got into it because of the crossover gacha style, which I will admit, works. It’s fun if your p2p or buy the lifetime card

Does the battle scene have no sounds? The background music is working fine but theirs no battle sound. When the character use skills or normal attack, no sounds at all. Is it a bug or no sounds at all? If no sounds at all in the battle, that would be so disappointing. Hope you respond to this or fix the problem. Thank you. I’ll change my review once you respond.

  • Sorry,No have battle sound . We have collected the issues you have identified and will continue to optimise them in the future.Please keep focusing on our game and follow our official social media to get the latest news.

Good game. Certain things need improving. Chunin exams are a big one. I can’t even attack because the user lv is way too imbalanced. Truly do enjoy it.

Incoming Enemies (which is a game mode in this game) isn’t very balanced. It’s very hard to achieve 100% at the higher levels even if you boost. Please reconsider balancing this game mode

The game its awesome having a few different anime, hope you keep adding other animes in. that would be awesome… however…. having to collect 10 dragon balls to get the UR its a kill on not keeping real with the anime itself…. and thats why I give 4 stars.

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