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HEIR OF LIGHT EclipseFree 1,000 Summons and OP Epic Servants Guaranteed!

Enjoy exclusive growth support with 20 daily summons, available all the way up to 1,000 summons!

Com2uS presents Heir of Light Eclipse, the most acclaimed RPG game of 2023, an enthralling fusion of gacha, AFK idle, action and strategy – a triumph in the world of fantasy games!

Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring realm where light and darkness wage a never-ending war…
Accompany the enchanting girl, Nua, guarded by Goddess Ludmilla, in this breathtaking anime-style fantasy adventure!

Welcome to the 2023’s most thrilling RPG sensation, filled with vast worlds to explore, daunting quests, the joy of gacha-style summoning, exhilarating action, strategic warfare, and a handy AFK idle system for continuous growth.

Game Highlights

The captivating ‘Heir of Light’ universe, blockbuster fantasy epic
The ‘Little Crimson Tree’ is our last line of defense against doom!
Venture into a rich fantasy narrative with Nua and Goddess Ludmilla, surrounded by humans, elves, fairies, and giants as you strive to vanquish the Dragon of Darkness and ensure the world’s survival!

Stunning visuals, animations, and illustrations.
A combat zone where anime-style characters and goddesses truly shine!
Gather faithful servants that serve only the heir!
Witness top-notch battle graphics with 3D in-game modelling!

Engage in strategic, mind-bending battles.
Build your unique deck with over 1,000 possible combinations!
Engage in intricate attribute battles with more than 6 factions!
Get into 5v5 team clashes where small shifts and unexpected twists decide who wins or loses!

Comprehensive PvE, PvP content – the epitome of RPGs.
Compete in real-time PvP arena battles on the global stage for supremacy!
Battle relentless bosses in guild dungeons!
Benefit from an idle system that farms rewards day and night for effortless growth!

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Heir of Light: Eclipse is available in 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Deutsch, Français, Español, ไทย, tiếng Việt.

HEIR OF LIGHT Eclipse user reviews :

From the start, the pace is nice and the rewards is enough to help you play and understand the game. Beautiful all around, whatever you see on screen is artistic and fluid. Well polished version of other games. What it lack is taking a step further. Be creative, do things others wouldn’t do. For example, weapons can be leveled and upgraded through usage. Journey and event be triggered based on luck and style of character used. Five star for the fun and playability without paying.

  • Thank you for your 5-star review! We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying the game. We hope you can continue to enjoy our game. Thank you again!

I’ve been playing Hier of Light since forever. So I decided to play this new game. It’s like a mini version. It’s quite enjoyable and I like the few changes in the characters. My only concern is the bug whenever you upgrade an estate and received the rewards, somehow it says “Tap anywhere to exit” but when you do nothing happens it’s just stuck and won’t go away. Other than that the game is quite enjoyable and fun.

  • We’re very sorry to hear that you’ve experienced issues in our game. Contact our support team at https://customer-m.withhive.com/com2usholdings/ask so that we may help you get this sorted out for you. We’ll try harder to bring a better and smoother gaming experience!

I like the game, the graphics are great, the gameplay is fun. That being said, PLEASE give us skip functions on some of the activities, if not the main game, because I don’t have hours to play. I’ve uninstalled way too many games with this format because of them being too time consuming.

  • Thank you for your review. We will continue to do our best to provide better experience for our users. Thank you for choosing us! Have a good day!

Everything was fine until Corrupted Waterway second iteration. Other modes very boring and focused on grinding, while in Waterway interesting mechanic of random skills. Issue that in the most fun mode you can’t start it again and upon defeat you lose characters. That doesn’t allow to try different teams and skill combinations to have fun. Basically, the only game mode I enjoy I able to try only once in two days. That ruins whole game experience for me, that’s why I can give only one star.

  • We appreciate your feedback and understand your frustration. We’ll definitely take your input into consideration for future updates. Our aim is to enhance your gaming experience, so stay tuned for improvements that may address your concerns. Thank you for playing Heir of Light: Eclipse!

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