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[Game] Dragons Evolution – Merge Dinos

Dragons EvolutionMerge Dragons Get Rich, Buy more Dragons, Discover strange Monsters AND THEN MERGE THEM TOO to see what’s next and reveal the secret

Merge Dragons, Merge Monsters, Merge Little Dragonlings, Merge Everything, upgrade the wings collect the money they bring to you even while you’re Idle out of the game.

Compete  against other players by merging more  earning more  and Win  the weekly tournament!

50 different Dragons  to Merge and discover.
50 different Monsters  to Merge and discover.
20 different Little Dragonlings  to Merge and discover.
Or maybe there is even a secret one…
Multiple upgrades for the wings, fly path, islands and money your creatures bring to you.

Discover all the creatures  merge everything you see, get something better, merge what you received – and so on! Go take a break, be idle for a few hours  – THEY ARE STILL MAKING YOU MONEY Get in, merge some more, continue! Never stop

Catch that alien looking flying thing! Is it a dragon…or an alien?.. we are not sure, BUT YOU MUST CATCH THAT THING! it has the goodies!
Can you merge them too?

Do the daily quests and not so daily quests! Do all of them!

Discover over 120 fantastic beings, combine and interact in 100 challenges!
Upgrade your creatures and islands
Discover all kinds of Dragons , Monsters and Little Dragonlings
CATCH THAT THING ! or the ! or … whatever that thing is and get prizes
Take part in a tournament against people around the world and get weekly rewards.
Combine creatures that will earn you gold and treasures.

Download the game now and start CATCHING THAT THING  and merging DRAGONS and MONSTERS and Little Dragonlings

The game is optimized for tablets and phones.
Merge, collect, build.

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Dragons Evolution user reviews :

I like the concept of the game but there’s no sense of achievement as you progress. Yes, you get new dragons, but even just a simple “Congratulations, you’ve achieved a new level” would be good, as would an indication of what you need to achieve to get to the next level. (Eg, next level/dragon at X points.) And the ads, oh the ads… I get that developers need to make money, but you can’t do anything in this game without watching ads, even after paying for ad free.

I like it so far, I just wish there was more to the game. I know it is just ment to be a simple time waster, but it would be nice if they could add things to it to do because it gets boring after a while. I love merge games, but I find so many that have so much more to them. I love ones that have rewards and whole towns you can build up. Just merging dragons to go around in a circle is kinda boring. Also, can’t log into Facebook for some reason. I get an error message when I try.

Love the game. You merge two level 1 dragons and get a level 2. Higher the level the more speed and coins you get. Use coins to buy more dragons to keep going. Then you get ads left and right to either spin the wheel or get the delivery dragon or just random ad pop ups. If you no ads you have to pay 2 dollars. You do a “tournament” of coins collected (I got to first in 3 hours) but you don’t get a prize. Rest is you need to buy crystals for decoration for background or nests. That’s it.

  • Thanks for the review. We are happy you enjoy the game. The tournament lasts for the week. After that you can get the reward. Do not hesitate to contact us via support[at]gamedevsource.com if you have any questions.

Fun game, only complaint would be its a tad too ad driven. They reward you pretty decent for the optional ad. I did purchase ad free after about two weeks of playing, that was worth it for $2. Overall I recommend, but too many ads for smaller children.

The game is awesome but one time my phone’s battery was dead, the game reset as if i was playing for the first time. Another thing is it has no Google account option to save the progress in case if i change my phone so i don’t need to start all over again.

Fun game however there are way too many ads that is why I gave it for Starz but if you take the ad and put them in like at least 10 minutes of playing the game then I’ll raise it back up to five star

I REALLY love this game, and in my opinion I think you should download this game I played each land and they’re Amazing, and all the little creatures are just ADORABLE.If you didn’t download this game yet I’ll tell a little about it.First, you have 3 lands where you can go and if you want to go to a different land you go on the top right of the screen and you’ll have to guess what to click next cause I don’t want to spoil it.Second,There is a flying dragon,I won’t spoil it all.Thank you all!

  • Thank you so much!!! Your praise and support is very important for us!

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