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Farm PartyWelcome to Farm Party: Merge & Pet!

Get ready to enjoy the fancy crit of planting, collecting, merging, fighting and more. Here, you can become a happy farmer, raise various animals carefully, farm happily, and meet other interesting residents. You can also merge buildings such as railway stations and ports, participate in crop trade, and turn yourself into a boss, making this place more and more bustling!

Escape the tired and busy daily life, try to experience the adventure of decompression and healing, play this free farm simulator game, create your home here.

Game Features:

The farm is rich in products, hundreds of illustrated book items, a wide variety, unlock as much as you want.
Merging 3 identical items can be upgraded to a higher level.
Merging cute pets can get more hearts and unlock more land.
Buy seeds, plant, fertilize, irrigate, and experience happy planting.
Summon cute animals to gather supplies and build workshops, complete orders from NPC, train and cruise, and strive for more profits.
Match the lineup reasonably, send cute pets into other players’ farms, launch attacks, and start battles to snatch resources. Have you been attacked? Launch a counterattack at any time, crush them with strength.
Add friends and chat anytime or visit his farm. Chat in real time with all players in the game, share your gameplay experience.

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Farm Party user reviews :

So far so good. Edit: I like the premise, don’t particularly enjoy waiting on energy. That’s not really the type of game I enjoy most of the time, I like games I can spend hours playing with no break without spending money if I want to. I don’t get the pet fights but I don’t do well with that in any game with those mechanics. I also wish I could pause the harvesting and hoard energy to utilize the party zone better.

  • Thank you for your love of the game, we continue to optimize to bring you a better game experience

I do like the game, norm dnt DL NEthin at 5K, bt DL frm diff game 2get pts. so its a “low challenge match” game, bt R’nt they ALL?? Had issues w crashin, seems better, now. Dnt get coin complaints, really dont need to purchase, at least by level 16. i bought new land intentionally, and a gift pkg for .99. Def ALOT of ads, tho, BUT u watch if u want help. Had trouble and needed to re-log in, but was a bit confusing, worked out. only gripe: WAY hard to battle. cant see enemy power, but ok for now.

  • Dear players, thank you for your comments and suggestions, we will work harder to optimize the game in the future to bring you a better experience! And If you have any problems in game, you can send game pictures or videos to our facebook @ Farm Party: Merge & Pet, or email: farmparty[at], we will deal with your problem ASAP, thanks!

Thanks for the quick fix of the glitch, I appreciated the response and I really like to play this game. The only thing that would make it 5 star is to not be waiting eons for things to be built. What is the point of that?

  • Dear Janet , thank you for your feedback. We will take it into consideration as we continue to improve the game. We hope you continue to enjoy playing!

Fun! Only issue is when I have to wait for the power to recharge. Hard to complete quests, to gain power, without power to begin with

  • Dear Alfie, thank you for your feedback. We will take it into consideration as we continue to improve the game. We hope you continue to enjoy playing!

Enjoyable so far. Like that it is somewhat fast paced, so I don’t have to wait forever for certain build to finish.

  • Dear Sukanya, thank you for your comment. We are glad you are enjoying the game and hope you continue to do so!

It’s a good game but the growth span on the crops to to long. So far I enjoy it just to long to wait if I want to sit down and play I don’t like wating on crops.

  • Dear patricia, thank you for your feedback and comments, we will optimize the game even more, thanks for support

I’m liking this game so far …not played it for very long …I like the merge part to get to next unlock but feel I’ve got so much to merge and I’m getting full ip in such a small space .

  • Dear Jacqueline , thank you for your love and support! We will continue to work hard to make the game better and bring you a better game experience

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