Shanghai Smash – Blast through each puzzle

[Game] Shanghai Smash – Mahjong

Shanghai SmashShanghai Smash is a free mahjong solitaire game set in a world where animals have been captured by an evil mastermind and his minions.

Come join Mao the panda and Blue the dog as they journey through towns to fight off the minions and rescue the animal friends. Blast through each puzzle by simply matching identical pairs of tiles and follow the treacherous trail that leads you to the lair of the evil villain.

Hurry! The animal friends are in trouble and needs your help! There’s no time to waste! It’s up to you to save their world. Will you be their hero?

Simple mahjong solitaire/Shanghai mahjong rules. Match pair identical tiles to remove🀄🀄
Complete the level and mission within the time limit

Challenge yourself to over 1000 timed levels
Various types missions to complete
Use powerful boosters to help you beat stages
Unlock in-game characters and craft your own free boosters to use
Defeat minions to rescue animals and receive generous rewards
Play with your Facebook friends

Download now and begin your adventure!

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Shanghai Smash user reviews :

Love this game, however, the last few times I’ve played it kicks me out in mid game.

Cute but really don’t like the timer.

Love this game but does not work with Facebook since the most recent update?

It’s ok. It’s just I got very bored of it after a while. Idk how to explain it

Enjoy playing game very adictive. for some reason having problems opening game

JUST updated about five minutes ago before I began to play. I played one life and the game shut down on me. I went back in and had lost TWO lives. Then I played one life again and it put me back on the map and then the game shut down AGAIN and now I’m down to none. What the heck?! This is my favorite game but I won’t play it anymore if this keeps happening!

I am obsessed with Shanghai Smash. My favorite game. Only complaint is the sound disappeared sometimes and I have to exit and start to get it back.

Yeah same thing happen to me. Just DL the game, play until level 30 and when come back it just start at level 1. Fix it please. Thank u. Would be nice if i doesn’t have to play it over and over again.

I wanted to play this type of game since so long n m enjoying only time pass.. Thank you..

I love this game, but it often closes on me on my tablet which is frustrating. I’ve earned lots of prizes but not gotten them because of how much it closes. I might spend real money on buying things for this game as much as I enjoy it, but I would hate to spend money and then have it close.

I like it but I genuinely hate that you cant rotate the screen in a way that suits you. I cant afford to keep damaging my charge cord because of apps that refuse to rotate the way I need them to while my phone is charging if I choose to use it.

Love the game great levels . Could do with a few more rewards . In life’s etc .

Fun game to play.. :):) wish the game could be played offline too..other than that its Awesome.. Thumbs up for the developers..

It’s much fun, you need to be fast and use your visual skills. Graphics are very nice. Overall I liked it very much.

Great game but it would be nice if your lives aren’t deducted just for completing the extra challenges per stage in order to earn extra stars.

I really like it I just wish there would be more hearts

like it, addicting, but do wish I could have a version with more time, free, but love it

I loved it! What a cute game. This game has really cute characters, also has excellent graphic. Great to play, and I think my little nephew is gonna like it.

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