Dragonstone Kingdoms – Build and fortify your city with towers and weapons

[Game] Dragonstone Kingdoms

Dragonstone Kingdoms  Build and fortify your city with towers and weapons?

Train your warriors for combat with other players?
Grow and raid for resources to level up faster?
Join guilds and form alliances to take out strong opponents?
Win trophies and bask in the glorious spoils of battle?
And…oh yeah, don’t forget to feed your DRAGONS!
Double Check!

Combining modern mobile gameplay with the fun of the classic RPGs, Dragonstone: Kingdoms takes both genres to an exciting new level. The classic RPG gameplay makes this more than just another 4x game. In addition to city building, tower defense, and PVP alliance warfare, there’s a story mode where you can fight monsters and advance through levels to recruit new heroes, capture bosses, and gain additional resources.

With standout original artwork, a balance of attacking and defending mixed in with the fun of the classic RPG, and an entire world to explore, Dragonstone: Kingdoms is the best of both worlds combined.

Dragonstone Kingdoms user reviews :

Started off well but the more you play the longer it takes to upgrade. There is a “shop” but even if you have money or gems to buy there is nothing in it to buy. The worst part is you build up and then you will have higher level players, I had 2 in particular that were 25 and 32 levels above me, destroy your city even when it isn’t an “attack” enemies weekend. No come back on rule breakers from administration. Keep looking there are better games out there.

The very first gaming app I ever tried. Met some great people from the online gaming community, some who I am still in contact with. The game has been dead a long time now but I still continue to play it, mainly for the nostalgia. Even so, still a great looking game, I will be sad to see it disappear. The Bandit, R5

Needs game balance, the high level people make it almost impossible to advance after a certain point unless you pay to play and the devs won’t address the issue, also some buildings are required to level up and don’t work or need rebalanced. Don’t think I’ll waste my time with another Ember game again!

This game has so much potential! However it’s being wasted, the devs team seem to have given up on it, hasn’t been updated in years, so there are a few bugs. Please update, more content and bug fixes are always good, don’t give up on what potentially could be a very good game!

Almost every battle attempt in Adventures & Dungeons causes Game to stop functioning then shut off. No response from Support. A fix desperately needs to be applied to this App. Suggestion: Add Ki & Tekao to either Daily Log-In/Map. Addition to having Shield, Attack City button should remain grey for Non-PVP Players. So when a PVP Player selects a Non-PVP Player’s City, the Attack button would be Grey. Only when a Player switches over to being a PVP Player would the Attack button be selectable.

The game itself is fine, however the support behind it is unacceptable. Servers crashing, complaints ignored, loss of units due to unscheduled maintenance… Completely unacceptable. Despite spending real cash, practically no compensation is offered when they screw up. I recommend banning all apps from this company from the Play store until they can demonstrate competent support.

I love this game that is a tribute to Dragon Strike! It is now the 4th RPG game I am addicted to on my Android OS! Thank you so much! Only minor issue that I have is once in a while the game locks up. I still give it 5 stars.

Games great love it support from ember rediculous I’ve been playing since beginning and recently over lapped a main account I tried many times almost beg for help .in end they did not help me retreave that account..Alot of money invested…so be warned. Ember don’t care they walked away from this game. You are on your own if download..but on good note..game itself is amazing and well worth trying…hint join a guild right away

Great game the only problem is i have other game that give me a reward for playing but i dont have the time to add this great game to my fun time but i do recommended to all the other players! Good job on this game!

Game is good but has a few glitchs. Currently unable to attack world monsters. During a world monster event…

The game is very fun to play. At first the game support was brutal but is much better now. Enjoy the interaction between guild mates.

Game is getting better but pls make us able to get some gold when trashing the cards.

I couldn’t even connect to the game servers. That’s why I rated it one star.

Nice way to relax and enjoy . game is fun

Latest Update :

Misc Bug fixes and Optimizations

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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