Warbands Bushido – The story of civil war in 16th century Japan

[Game] Warbands Bushido – Tactical Miniatures Board Game

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Warbands Bushido  Warbands Bushido is a miniatures board game arena with cards, miniatures, dice (i.e. dice random involved) and beautiful terrains to fight on, with both multiplayer battles boardgamers are used to, and challenging single-player scenarios.

Game has a isometric, tabletop-style look with miniature-style characters, cards, dice, pre-rendered battlefields and story-mode scenarios. There will be more than 50 various paintable units and heroes planned for full-scale release and later additions. Multiplayer skirmish will let you test your skills in best traditions of tabletop wargame classics like Warmachine or Mordheim with a fast-paced Hearthstone-like gameplay. While single-player scenarios with their own characters and events, are highly influenced by classic tactical turn-based RPGs.

Game background – is the story of civil war in 16th century Japan, known as “Warring States period”. Samurais and ronins, criminals of all sorts, ninja clans, Chinese pirates, Portuguese mercenaries and firearms traders, all trying to benefit from anarchy and conflict. It is hard to find a more atmospheric and dense setting for a tactical board game.

Warbands Bushido user reviews :

Its a good game… Hexagonal tactical game with cards as special skills. Maybe if the dices system eliminated it will be more simple coz basically an enemy can defend till several turns if we’re unlucky. Sadly it has limit to put my troops on the battle. And its not an online game to compete and be strong with friends/guildmates

Fun game, but has serious problems. Fix the dice roll probabilities. During many games, i found that either I or my opponent dominates in terms of successful rolls, while the other can’t do anything. Add links to your instructions. Who’s bright idea was it to add a book which you have to turn through page by page? Fix the UI. I can’t find my experience, nor that of my units. Experience counter doesn’t show up properly, I need to press and hold, but it appears where I’m touching the screen.

Fantastic!!! Only two things 1) In android, dont try playing with anything less than 2GB ram, it will be painful 2) Not much new content, some things could be used (faction themed bands modes -nan bans etc-, named -i.e. nobunaga oda warlord, kotaro fuuma ninja etc units, Koreans, new campaign or maps) Only this…this game is so fantastic, and NO pay to win that worths more love by players!!!

I love everything about this game from the units, to the scenery, to the battles! Would recommend to all my friends. Also it would be cool if you guys could another game like this but instead of samurai and ninja, it could be the warriors from the dark ages!

Best Tactical board game for mobile game! Fix that poison bug that does x2 damage. Fix the bug that won’t let you press end button because of the extra items you buy from playing story maps also. Please update with some more units. So fun playing pvp and pve.

I enjoyed this game for a while, but there are a problems I just can’t deal with any longer. Unless you spend money it becomes a grind. Units are expensive and all you can do is break then down for downright pitiful amounts of crafting materials if you dont use them. This game’s RNG is terrible, multiplayer included. Usually, the rolls favor one player over the one to a ridiculous, game-deciding degree. I know I’m not the only one who noticed this, I’ve seen other posts saying the same thing.

Needs more options in achieving high tier units without the handicap of purchasing. I understand the devs need financial support. But I feel it’s a pay to win system even if you’re the same level with the enemy, but he’s having quality units over your noob Grey tier units.

Very great board game like mobile game. Random dice rolls, hex movement, and a huge variaty of skill make this a game I keep coming back to over the years. The grind, especially to get legendaries, is unforgiving to say the least, though. You can build your own, but the cost is heavy. Recommend but it will take a long while to get the better units as free to play. But it is possible. Not working as of 10/29/20. Says to update in game. Has no update in store.

Good game you could make the tutorial better but still great game also dice rolls usually feel like they favor one person over the other I mean there was an archer that shot through his teammate and that soldier didnt even get hit once so sometimes it feels like you dominate sometimes you lose

Great game, well balanced and does not require recharge time to play .If there is no pair for skirmish it will set you an AI which is not hard to win. Iv spent around 15usd just subscribing for daily gold and dust to create most advanced units and upgrade them to nax for coins. Great thing is that you cannot assemble a team which is strongest; there are always some inconvenient opponents, so its always interesting to play. Sadly developers forgot password from source archive. JazZRabbiT.

Data wipe after beta ?
  • Red Unit Studios
  • Dragon wing, thanks! No wipe. It’s a short beta just to be sure that everything works fine
Beautiful GAME
  • Red Unit Studios
  • surapong, thanks! I’ll pass your comment do dev team

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