Dream Farm – Create your own farm life

[Game] Dream Farm – Harvest Moon

Dream Farm  Let’s build the best town, create the fantastic harvest story!!!

You need to learn how to plant crops, raise cows, and produce various kinds of agricultural products. And there are some unexplored areas outside the town; you can expand your land, discovery the new resource and invent new productions. There are some animals could get into your town, you can capture them and get special rewards.

The social communication system can let you share your town to your friends and do some trade with them. This is the game will become popular very soon among you and your friends.

Create your own farm life on mobile
Great diversity of decoration
Various kinds of crops, trees and livestock
Can do the adventure outside the town
Continuous unlock new buildings and new productions
Can let your friends visit your town and do some trade with you.

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Dream Farm user reviews :

I am loving the game. But may i suggest that there should be indicated numbers of each item whenever we try to make something in the workshop. I want to see the number of items left right away, so i will know what to cook/make first

The game was fun til it froze on my tablet! I uninstalled it and downloaded it again and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. So it’s going bye bye permanently now! I downloaded it again to see if it’s been fixed unfortunately it hasn’t been fixed and it won’t do anything else so I’m giving this game 1 star cause the only thing that’s good are the colors look vibrant

Awesome game! Only thing as with most farming games production takes to long! Would like to see a next new ugraded game, i like it because playing offline is actually just as nice as online. Had some issue where the game stop working when going online but thats not a huge story. So you can start downloading this awesome game. Thank you. Hope to see some adventure games from this developers with the same game play.

This game is soo fun but the problem is that it is so hard to get money so please fix this but I recommend downloading this game for fun.

So far so good, except I cannot put items for sale and find people to add as friends, keeps saying connecting to server if this isn’t fixed I will delete game please fix as enjoying it so far thanks

So far so good, but I haven’t played long. I will add to this and the stars as I see it. Update: still a good game, but the airplane part needs fixed. After the plane leaves, you get no clue as to what items you will need for the next plane. You have to hope you have the stuff already ( which you won’t) because you are on a time limit to get all the items before the exp and coins reward part is gone.

I like the concept of this game. It does have some similar things of Farmville. I like how you can buy outfits for your avatar but I don’t like the prices of them. I was so excited to get that unlocked too. Another thing is when visiting friends farms is it supposed to be nothing there to see? And when sending plane orders out I end up having to do it twice. This game is NEW so I’m sure there’s still kinks to work out. I just hope it will all be fixed sooner rather than later.

I love the game. It does not take long make stuff. The problem I have with game are: the high flyer I can’t access, the stall does not change to different people to buy from, and some stuff like flour and sugar you have to stay in the game for it to be made. I hope it can be fixed soon. Again I love the game keep up the good work.
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  • Thank you for your feedback. We will continue to optimize our work and offer you a better game experience! You can contact us at support@myjoymore.com to resolve your problem.

Really fun, with beautiful graphics. For some reason I have never had a sale from my stall, and when I try to buy items from other stalls it puts my own stall items in their stall for me to buy. I also stopped getting goals to meet, which isn’t fun. Hopefully there will be an update soon to fix issues.

i love these game…but please fix up the airport section coz i cant open and finish my challenge that related to the pilot and stamps looking foward for the fix As soon As possible!!!! and the Guild dont works at all. Last week Can’t refresh friendlist or world chat, today they’re work but Airport Section still can not operate. please pleaseee kindly do something

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