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Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad Machine is a popular DJ beats music mixer. Create music with the DJ app in just a few clicks on your own. Be a beat maker, mix loops and record your own melodies with super pads on the launchpad. Use your imagination to discover a new world of hip-hop tracks with beatbox maker.

We make music production easy! With the help of the Drum Pad Machine soundboard, you can not only learn the basics of music creation, but mix music beats as well. A wide variety of sound effects will help you to create appropriate chords and use them both for piano and guitar.

What you can do with DJ music mixer:

Make music on a device like a beat maker;
Compose tracks, make beats and create mixtapes;
Record sounds by beats maker;
Share music and songs with the world.

How does the drumpad machine work?
First, you will see a colorful field with various buttons. Each new launchpad sector is a new sound for creating music. Buttons of the same color play similar sounds. Try our music making app, develop beat making skills and create your own hits!

You can use many sound packs for making music beats. Choose an individual theme for beats music. All samples and sounds are developed for you by professional musicians. Beatboxing is easy and exciting even for newbies. You can use drum machine anywhere: at home, in a music studio, in street jams or during a long trip.

The app is great for both pro beat makers and budding music makers. It has detailed tutorials that will teach you step by step how to create and mix music on a drum machine.

It won’t take very long for you to feel like a real DJ. Create beats on a drum machine, make, mix and play music and share it with your friends!

Available music styles & beats:

Drum & Bass
Future Bass

Drum Pad Machine is a handy app for creating music to play in real time, as well as for creating and playing loops. Create tracks 24/7 like a drum pads guru, record hits like a real music maker and share them with your friends!

This rapper soundboard app is a powerful, easy-to-use tool to get the best music experience:

get professional music samples;
try loops creation with a sequencer;
change tempo and create sounds via beatbox recorder;
use the launch pad finger drumming option;
record your own tracks and share recordings;
get tips and tricks by watching videos and tutorials to master your beatmaker skills in music production.

Drum Pad Machine is a real tool for music production and a very entertaining drum game! Make sick beats and create music in a matter of minutes with drum pads! Drop the beat!

Drum Pad Machine user reviews :

AWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEEE!!! I’ve used simmilar apps before but they missed fluidity between beats and I simply put all apps of these kinds in the same bucket and labeled them “bad, pads aren’t meant for phones” and well…you know how the story goes…untill I’ve found this app. Really! I’m having so much fun! It has so many sounds samples! Tutorials! The audio quality is great! The only downside is that it displays ads too often. Guess I should check if there’s a paid version.

  • Hi! Thank you for the super positive review! We work hard to meet expectations like yours and we are happy to hear you enjoy our product. Keep it up!

I gave you the four because the challenges are kind of hard but the second one is really hard to me well I like it because you can do different sounds and you can have I don’t like the ads annoying when I made the beat!

okay, honestly this app is quite good! i’m a hard dubstep / edm person and the tracks is quite enjoyable! not like other apps, i can’t find “that one track” lol. yes you gotta watch ads to unlock it but i guess it’s fine. the tutorial is well explained, i like that it gets harder each level so yay! overall, if you have the same taste as me, you should download it!

Breathe near the app and you’ll get an ad. Avoid. ** Following a reply from the devs. I get it, ads make things affordable for the devs and end user. It is not the fact you can skip the ad after 5 seconds, it is the fact that ads appear from everywhere. Zero time to breathe and settle into the app when using it without constant ads appearing. Tone down your ads and this would be a much more enjoyable app

  • Greetings! Thank you for reaching out! We’re sorry to hear that you can’t enjoy the game due to ads. We really care about our users, and it’s our top priority to make you happy with our product. Rest assured, your complaint won’t go unnoticed. We’ll try to strike a better balance between ads and gaming!

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