Piano Cat Tiles – Make your adorable cat happy

[Game] Piano Cat Tiles – Room Design

Piano Cat Tiles Play the piano together with your cat friend!

Free music game: Cat Piano!
Make your adorable cat happy with a cute room design.
There is loads of cute and pretty furniture to design an adorable home.
You can upgrade your furniture with stars you get from playing piano rythm games!

How to Play:
Tap the cat piano to play the piano and make pretty music.
Collecting stars lets you design and decorate your home.
Play the magic piano well and start collecting lots of adorable kittens!

Game features:

Full of pretty music and adorable songs
Famous songs and compositions await! Use magic piano to play all the piano music you want!

Design a room for your cute cat!
Collect stars by playing music games. Use the star collecting to get new furniture and decorations. Design adorable home for your cute cat!

Create your own cat piano
Make your piano look prettier by collecting lots of adorable cat friends through the piano music games!

Fun for kids and adults
From easy music games to lightning-fast challenging music games, Cat piano’ music games are fun for the whole family!

Play piano games now for free!
Cute cats are waiting for you to design their adorable home!

Piano Cat Tiles user reviews :

Might hold my attention for a couple months. And that’s saying. I have the attention span of a fly. But this game is cute & entertaining and you kind of hold the power to the ads. You can avoid them if you’re mindful of what you tap. The ads are rarely more than 60 seconds long. Love the design aspect. Endless mode gets tougher as you keep it up. I like that added difficulty level. You can challenge yourself in this game as an adult, but its still easy enough for a kid to navigate & have fun too

This game is great i really think you should try it out, there are some flaws though, like the timing is wrong on the keys, but other then that it is a pretty sweet game i must say. I like that the cats have names and the you can customize the colour of the keys, its nice. I also like that your cats have a room and you can customize that too. Its all together a pretty good game. THE CATS ARE PRETTY CUTE, TOO!

It is very cute and unique, especially because you decorate rooms. However, there was a bug where everything disappeared and I couldn’t press the home button so I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it. Anyways, it’s fun and cute. Thanks and hai

As a music and cat lover, this as my all favorite game now! The cats are so cute! One problem is that sometimes some of the tiles cannot be pressed, even tho i did. Please fix this problem!

Amazing and inclusive I age regress and have found this game to be equally calming and child-like as it is challenging for my brain. This is perfect for adults looking for that cutesy game to unwind, or for a child who wants a game to challenge their brain. It always has options for in game currencies that are free and makes microtransactions less appealing to kids. The cats are adorable too. Get this game!

I love the cats and the music is cute but when the song gets faster and the keys go faster my eyes start to hurt. But other than that its a good game and not to many ads i think its cute and awsome so i think you should download it! But i think they should slow the keys down

First of all, this can is just amazing, I love the art style and how you can customize the piano tiles and also the variety of songs is AMAZING!!

I absolutely adore this app. It’s awesome! I’ve always really liked piano tiles games, but this really does take the cake as the best one I’ve found. The classic music and concept paired with the lovely colour scheme and adorable little cats is just perfect. I can’t wait for the next stage to be updated, but I know that it must take a lot of time so don’t work yourselves too hard, developers! I also have a little music suggestion – Gravity Falls Theme Song? Good luck and keep growing this game!

  • Thank you for enjoying our game Please feel free to contact us for any question in the future. See you back in the game!

FINALLY! I have tried so many of these falling piano tile games and this is the best. plus, you get cute kitties too! I just wish there were more stages, and more colors to make the tiles AND TO CHANGE THE BACKGROUND. I really wish i could make the background behind the tiles a different color (specifically blue but adding more colors for other people would be great). Not too many ads, and i don’t feel like I’m randomly tappibg while music is playing, I’m really making the notes go. I love it.

Super cute game, fun to decorate the whole house but sometimes I wish you could leave the walls blank as is, since it can go well with the furniture but that would defeat the purpose of buying it for your cats. However, I do wish we could pause the game midway so I can answer a call/text without losing progress, and that the difficulty level can go towards more accuracy to the music, since it sounds a bit out of sync when played. Otherwise, I highly recommend the download!

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