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[Game] Piano Tiles 2 – Piano

Piano Tiles 2More rhythmic music, exciting gameplay, and challenging levels!

Play the popular, original, top piano game Piano Tiles 2™ with over 1 billion players around the world!

Game Features:

Simple graphics, easy to play, and accessible to everyone! Let’s play the piano everybody!

Challenge your finger tapping speed with an abundance of different songs! Breathtaking rhythm tiles has no limits!

Feel the risk and excitement when you play our Top Challenge mode! Thriller in the beat!

Update of numerous song styles: classical, ragtime, waltz, lullaby, opera, dance and many more to satisfy different tastes.

Share your record with your friends and compete worldwide with players on the ranking list!

Experience the feeling of a concert with high quality music in Piano Tiles.

More challenges, more bonuses, and more satisfaction!

Gaming mode: Don’t tap the white tiles! Tap the black tiles in sync with the melody and make sure not to miss any tiles! Focus and concentrate to maximize your score with your fast reactions!

Download this fun piano game now!

Unfortunately, we currently are not able to support Facebook Login save files because save files from the previous developer are no longer accessible. Please contact customer support with any questions, and we will work to accommodate you as best as we can.

We’d love to hear your suggestions and comments! Please send us any feedback at support[at]kooapps.com, or you can go to the in-game settings to contact us. We will address your issues asap.

Thank you so much to all our Piano Tiles fans. Making games for you all is a dream come true!

Piano Tiles 2 user reviews :

This was my favorite mobile game for a long time and I often thought about it coming back. I was so excited for this release, but the amount of ads has soured my experience. Having to watch an ad just to play a song is crazy. Not to mention the paid version is based on subscriptions and not a one time purchase. 9.99 for a month?? The gameplay is still the same as I remember, with a few other new features, but the ads seriously hindered my experience.

I like the game. It’s the same game that was here 3 years ago, but I don’t like all of the ads. Like the ads you have to play to unlock a song. I would also give it a better rating, but the option for auto sound quality is missing (it could be auto enabled or my phone is just slow). I would also love for you to import mp3 or midi files of your own.

Remove the need for watching ad to unlock the song that you already unlocked through leveling up. It’s just annoying. Otherwise the game is as good as I remember, bring back memories. I’m okay with ads that pop up every single I’m done with a song, just not the ad that needed to unlock songs. I’d like you to add search song feature, because it have alot of songs, I dont wanna spend some time scrolling through song. Also add sound quality thing on the old PT2. Without that, the sound just bad.

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We will take note of this suggestion and share it with the team. Feel free to share any more feedback so we can improve our game. If you have any ideas in mind, we are more than happy to listen to your suggestions. Please email us at support[at]kooapps.com! Thanks!

My favourite music tile game is back yayyy! Welcome back. The game is classic, awesome as always. I’ve missed the traditional piano tiles I grew up knowing. I did notice a few bugs though. On faster speed, the sound becomes jerky and the tiles themselves seem to lag a bit. Also, I don’t see a provision to save data to the cloud, possibly using an OAuth feature. That’ll be really helpful. Otherwise great game as always. Also the ads don’t play.

I’ve just started playing it and it sticks quite a lot when playing. That you nearly miss pressing the music notes. Also you don’t unlock music when you finish off the piano pieces you have to watch videos which isn’t great either. Plenty of other piano apps like this one that you unlock music as you finish off the songs each time. That are far better than this one.

It’s a great game indeed. But it needs a little more polishing as well. In last android builds, there was an option for auto sound quality control which is not in the game now. It was very useful on some devices where the music sound breaks and turning it on would fix the sound quality.

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